Will Dhoom 3 break the record set by Chennai Express ?

Can Dhoom 3 break the record set by Chennai Express ?
66% (1635 votes)
34% (830 votes)
Total votes: 2465

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Anonymous's picture

chennai exp hd deepika... n dhoom3 hd katrina..
so obv chennai exp got a star frm me...
on top of that both of the film hv no stry line..
both of the flm carries old male actors.... srk n amir shud tk a long brk frm acting n shud concntrat on directing new movies.. they cn bcm suprb film makers ...as they hv ability , exprnce and charisma....
abhishek cn strt his own comdy show...dat cn b a gud advic fr him...

Anonymous's picture

Chennai Exss was the best movie in 2013 but the reason Dhoom 3 broke it was because one ticket for Dhoom was like R.S 500 where as Shahrukh's Chennai Express was like R.s 100 not that much

Anonymous's picture

yes it will be break

Anonymous's picture

yes of cours Can Dhoom 3 break the record set by Chennai Express

Kitty's picture

Yes, it did break the record. Congrats to Dhoom 3. Now it's time for a new poll. :)

Anonymous's picture

independent country but women arent independent enough to decide who they want to get married to and spend their lives with...... happened in the veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy end however!!

Anonymous's picture

Can any one tell me what is the story line of CE ? What do you learn from that movie ? Movies are for entertain , not we the people fight for each other and then crticize the actor for that ! Actors try for their best to make us happy . But what we are doing after waching the movies ? Grouping us for nothing . We should appriciate all of them so that they can make and act good movies for us and we can enjoy .

Anonymous's picture

three weeks open and many screens.

Anonymous's picture

dhoom 3 rocks

Anonymous's picture



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