Is Deepika Padukone dating Ranveer Singh?

A lot of evidence has come out what with pictures from a night club and close friends confirming this. Do you think there is really something brewing between these two?

Who's more hot? Ranbir-Deepika or Ranbir-Katrina

Ranbir-Deepika Ranbir-Katrina

Who is Katrina Kaif dating?

She has been rumored to be dating one of these two. Is she actually dating one of them or just doing it for publicity?
Salman Khan
37% (463 votes)
Ranbir Kapoor
43% (547 votes)
20% (255 votes)
Total votes: 1265

Deepika Dating Sidhartha?

Do you think they are dating or just friends?
45% (264 votes)
9% (53 votes)
Who Cares
46% (267 votes)
Total votes: 584

Are Ranbir and Katrina dating?

Do you think Ranbir and Katrina are dating?
43% (248 votes)
57% (331 votes)
Total votes: 579


Do you think Happy New Year will be a blockbuster?:

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