What's your take on AIB's Roast?

The ‘roast’ was released online last week and it quickly went viral. While some called them a great sport for taking on the rudest, most offensive remarks, some did not seem to be happy about it. What's your opinion?

Who do you think shares the best chemistry with Alia Bhatt?

Alia has been linked with Arjun, Sidharth and Varun repeatedly. Who in your opinion looks the best with her?
Sidharth Malhotra
31% (510 votes)
Varun Dhawan
49% (816 votes)
Arjun Kapoor
20% (339 votes)
Total votes: 1665

Did PK meet your expectations?

Did PK meet your expectations?

Best Actress of the Year 2014- Vote!

Who in your opinion deserves to rule the year 2014 with her startling performance?

Is it OK for actors to dance at weddings?

What's your take on actors dancing at weddings.


Are Alia and Sidharth truly dating?:

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