Bang Bang Or Haider - Your Oct 2 Movie pick ?

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Both Bang Bang and Haider are relasing this Ocotber 2nd. Which movie will you go watch ?


Bang bang will be blockbuster


Bang bang has a budget of around needs a solo release....nd wid d hype abt haider i dont think dat business is possible....on d other hand haider is a win win.......wid a budget of 22 doesnt need a solo release...

I hope n pray that haider will be 100crs

haider karega ab bang out

150 cr!! Damn I knew it went over 100 but half to almost 200 is ridicolous too much. First of all it has too earn its budget at least or go over it to be just a hit obviously Haider will profit the most. Haiders budget is 30cr if not more cause Vishal had said that it was expensive to shoot in kashmir and staying there and all.

Haider will be blockbuster.bang bang will be flop.

Haider and bang bang will be flop becz actors of both the movies are not fit

Of course HAIDER ! Its gonna be a CULT MASTERPIECE...

of course haider...because Shakespeare story is superb.....bang bang is copy of knight and day , which is i watched in hindi i will go for haider

haider...bang bang movie is remake of knight and day which is i already watched in hindi dubbed i will go for haider

So of the movie is made at 37cr minus shahid and visuals Remus.... It should only make that much. U dumbo. S&v do not deserve to earn their pay. Nevertheless ur stupid thought it will make a very generous 3 digit cr. no...

I will go with haider as everybody says bang bang(knight n day)we already watched hemlet is a masterpiece of Shakespeare with great cast.

bang bang

definitely haider we have already watched knight and day....

Haider will be blockbuster

shahid previous movies didn't work and i knw haider gonna b average film and boring whereas bang bang will b good to watch and offcourse thr is hottest couple in d movie.
i hope songs will b also good
so my vote goes to bang bang.

Hopefully haider will win

Haider!! Haider!! Haider!!

Bang bang is copy right to hollywood film kinght and day so i am going to haider and haider is better than bang bang

who the heck is going to see bang bang.. guys don't waist your money on that crap movie, it is just a remake of hollywood



Haider it is


Quiet surprissed tht many is going for haider. It'll be breaking n shocking news if Haider gets better weeks than bang bang.. of course it might not earn upto 100cr but as long it passes its budget then it can be a hit or superhit. Bang needs to do more than 150cr to be a hit. So if haider does better n gets better response.. I think it'll be new heights 4 shahid on winning over Hrithik n katrina. Lets hope tht miracle happens. But bang bang hasn't released their trailer yet so things r still unpredictable..

Funny how shahid was offered bang bang.. what if he did both movies n both releasing same day? Its like the battle against myself...

Bang Bang

Bang Bang

Bang Bang, hrithik rocks..!!

Hrithik superhero... bang bang..!!

Bang Bang best

Bang bang best

Bang Bang

Bang Bang

Haider with gr8 performances to give goosebumps... hrithik and esp. Kat will be n9thing but just an eye candy..

haider.... coz this is the official entry of bollywood in oscars.... god bless u Vishal and Shasha......

if movies like chennai express , dabangg with no story line can be superhit , then bang bang will sure to be a blockbuster with sizzling on screen duo [hr and kat.], if people can reject an intense heart touchable movie like "guzarrish" how can they accept "haider". now see how each dance video and trailor of bang bang creates a lot of buzz.......and i think producers and directors are not mad on spending 15o cr. if they doesn't sees a large profit in bang bang. 250cr+: bang bang and 50-70 cr :haider

Plz you are seriously comparing guzzarish with haider? SLB with ViSHAL??? Guzzarish was a film with message and it was ok BUT SLB films most of times are shot in such dark enviroment like the sun never rises. Black, sawariya & Guzarrish was all night 24/7. Guzarrish was really boring like there was almost nothing to look forward on whats going to happen next. He wanted die but law was against it n so it was through the movie. Haider is adaption of HAMLET and the film or the story has suspense in it with gr8 performances... its already crearing good responses in youtube. I know bang bang will earn more and it must to cover its budget first of all with a high amount of at least earning 155cr. If haider earns 70cr then its freaking a super hit! Cause its budget is only 25-30 cr. And Katrina will just dance around since that is her only job no wonder why she only had 4 scenes in dhoom3


of cource haider... coz bag bang is just a regular bollywood flick that we r watching from decades may be thay hav breathtaking dance and stunts but still nothing new but haider is a movie that will take bollywood to a new level.. and it will make everyone feel that rupee has approached doller......

bang bang ki toh pasina chut jayenge apna budget recover karne mai........haider is must watch

only...bang bang...


All should watch haider movie because I think it is a heart touching movie and even the bollywood's chocolate boy-Shahid Kapoor who is my forever favourite actor.So surely watch it in theaters with your families

Bang bang afcous

Bang Bangggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

shahidddddd kapoooor is best......
king of bollywood
#Haider super duper hit...

Haider Haider Haider Haider Haider...?

ofcrse haider ......shahid jst bang out ....

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