Is it OK for actors to dance at weddings?

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What's your take on actors dancing at weddings.


NO, Its downright catastrophic ! :-x

yes what's the problem,

Their choice man - if they want to be in the face of everyone OR keep that mystery.
All boils down to how much money you already have (or not ) and how much more you want to make.

No. Its tacky!

Greed of money creates inequality on planet. It's as simple as that. People have forgotten good virtues of life. Its making out already 3rd dimensional existence darker and we are being judged by the watchers above. The time is not far we will find at mercy of them. People who are in the KNOWING will understand what i am talking about.

If they want to dance at their own wedding, fine, its not our business. If you hire them to dance at your own wedding, you better have the mula (called money in Chicago) to pay them. What's wrong with them dancing at weddings BTW?

I say no no no.stop doing this cheap activites.they are superstars not a dancers.

If you are a popular celeb and you are paid crores just to shake your body for few minutes then I want to know how many of you would say no to it.

Dancing at weddings is OK. but dancing at the wedding for money is ewwwwww.

Pv plz change poll.its too boring.

Who are we to question them? Who are we to 'tell' them when and where to dance? And here I thought, they lived in a democratic country.

Good going

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