Ridhi Dogra and Hugh Jackman have something in common!

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To hone her acting skills, actress Ridhi Dogra attended an acting workshop with Chris Edmund who also happens to coach none other than the Hollywood hunk Hugh Jackman.

The actress revealed it that it was once in a lifetime opportunity for her. "He was opening a small workshop. Not for beginners but for actors to sharpen their skills", informs Ridhi "There was no single reason to deny him. I have learnt great new things and techniques. It will be helpful for me in future. Earlier, we used to enact whatever was written in the script. Now after attending this workshop I have confidence to suggest and show the director what other things I can do."

Despite making a space for herself in the TV industry, Ridhi is keen to learn and believes that there is always scope for an actor to grow. "In any field, the moment you say I know it all, it all gets over. Even if you know everything, you get trapped inside your own patterns. Of course, people love to create an image but it misses the excitement of challenge. I am filmy freak too. I attend many film fests like MAMI morning to night. I try to learn something from each shot. I don't know where I am going with this, but learning new things definitely helps,” says Ridhi who was last seen as a cameo in ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’.

The coach, Chris Edmund was pleased to perceive Ridhi’s burning desire to learn from him. "His reaction was very, very good", says Ridhi beaming positively, while adding, "We were doing a classical play of a Russian author. I was a difficult to play because the level was of Shakespeare. There were many other participants too but the coach Edmund came to me and said if ever it gets on stage in India, I must be the one to do it. He said repeated these words no less than three times. This makes me confident that I am on the right track."

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