Jodha-Akbar: What's next?

Paridhi Sharma,Rajat Tokas,Jodha-Akbar,Jodha-Akbar latest news

Jodha’s secret shenanigans are getting out of control and to make it worse, the Rajput princess is not realizing that her position in the Mughal household is in danger. While Jodha has voluntarily resigned as the Mughal Harem’s new in-charge due to paucity of time in her hands to control the affai

Jodha-Akbar: Jalal’s trust on Jodha is complete; but for how long?

Paridhi Sharma,Rajat Tokas,Jodha-Akbar,Jodha-Akbar latest news

Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar is daily watching his Rajput Begum secretively going to meet a stranger behind the bushes. But despite persistent attempts by Maham Anga to plant seeds of doubt in his heart, Jalal is firm on his belief that Jodha could never befool him. So, Jalal is not bothered about Jod

Jodha-Akbar: Will Jalal abandon Jodha?

Paridhi Sharma,Rajat Tokas,Jodha-Akbar,Jodha-Akbar latest news

So finally, Maham Anga has reported to Jalal about Jodha’s clandestine meeting with Sujamal. However, despite knowing that Jodha met her brother Suja, Maham Anga knowingly mended the fact viciously to portray the Begum as an unchaste woman. The news about Jodha’s alleged meeting with an unknown ma

Jodha-Akbar: Jalal throws Jodha’s success bash!

Paridhi Sharma,Rajat Tokas,Jodha-Akbar,Jodha-Akbar latest news

Jodha and Jalal are fast moving close to each other. They support each other’s endeavours confidently and building mutual trust with every passing day of their life. Now that Jodh has been voted as the new in-charge of the Harem, Jalal has decided to celebrate her victory with pomp and show. On th

Jodha-Akbar: Who will Jalal vote for in the elections for power – Jodha or Ruqaiya?

Paridhi Sharma,jodha,Rajat Tokas,Jodha-Akbar,Jodha Begum,Ruqaiya Begum,Jalal,Jodha-Akbar latest news

The mayhem in the Mughal Harem continues as the malicious Ruqaiya Begum is not to ready to accept her defeat and is trying a re-run for power. After failing to malign Jodha’a reputation by leveling false accusations against, Ruqaiya is desirous of beating Jodha in the forthcoming elections for the


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