India vs Pakistan, ICC World Cup 2019: Sania Mirza slams broadcasters from both nations for ‘cringeworthy ads’

India will be taking on Pakistan on June 16 in the World Cup 2019. Ahead of the match, the TV ads by the broadcasters from both the nations have made Sania Mirza angry and she slammed them on social media. Take a look.

A match for which cricket lovers wait is a face-off between India and Pakistan. Finally, this wish of the cricket lovers is going to come true on June 16 when India takes on Pakistan in the World Cup 2019. While the cricket lovers are excited on both the sides of the border, the broadcasters have made ads which are being termed as ‘shameful’ by many people including Tennis player, Sania Mirza. As per reports, an ad was shown on the broadcasting channel in Pakistan in which IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman’s lookalike was used to poke fun about the match. 

The advertisement didn’t go down well with many cricket fans including Sania Mirza who took to social media to slam the broadcasters for making content in such bad taste. Sania asked them to get a lid on their excitement and not to overhype an already important match. She even called the ads on both sides cringeworthy. The ad that featured a lookalike of IAF wing commander Abhinandan was also criticised by Pakistani fans on social media. 

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Sania mentioned, “Cringeworthy ads on both sides of the border seriously guys, you don’t need to ‘hype up’ or market the match anymore specially with rubbish! it has ENOUGH attention already!It’s only cricket for God sake, and if you think it’s anymore than that then get a grip or get a life !!” 

Check out the tweet:

Meanwhile, before the India Vs Pakistan match on June 16, Virat’s squad will be taking on New Zealand today. Shikhar Dhawan was injured in the last match against Australia and is unfit to play for the next 3 weeks. His replacement will be Rishabh Pant who will be joining the team in England for the matches. 

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very well said Sania. You have a mindset of a person who is well read, well travelled and someone who is well acquainted with educated people from around the world.

India v pAkistan gives me anxiety . Why can't we enjoy sports without getting politics involved

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