Model attacked by pigs on the Bahamas beach; calls it a “love bite”

The Venezuelan model was chased by the pigs on the Bahamas beach
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In the time and age that we are living in, social media plays a “huge” part. If we put it down correctly, then let's just say that the world is becoming a smaller place with every passing day. Everything on the internet is super accessible. The tendency of an image, video or even a person going viral is extremely high. In a hilarious turn of events, a social media influencer fell prey to an annoyed pig who bit her bum.


Yes, the Venezuelan model and fitness coach, Michelle Lewin was taken aback as she was posing in a white bikini on a  beach in the Bahamas. It so happened that 4 untrained pigs were roaming around on the beach. The 32-year-old was busy posing when one of the pigs came in and gave a little nip on her bottom.

According to The Sun, matters got worse and embarrassing for the model when another pig started chasing her and made her run for her life. All of this definitely left the model shocked and traumatised. Thankfully she just got a few bruises and didn’t suffer a lot. Needless to say, the video instantly became extremely viral and was a huge hit with her 13.3 million followers on her social media account.

The viral video in a matter of 14 hours was viewed over 4 million times. She laughed at the whole incident describing the small bite on her bum as a “love bite”. Pigs are extremely famous in the Bahamas, in fact, there is a beach in Exuma Cays which has been named in their honours. On this beach, the tourists can take a dip in the sea and swim alongside them.


This one is definitely a hilarious incident. What are your thoughts on this? Do comment below and let us know.

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