World Population Day 2019: Here’s everything you need to know about this day

World Population Day is celebrated on July 11 each year and for over three decades, is meant to raise awareness about solutions related to the issues of the growing population. Here are some significant facts and figures that you should definitely know.
World Population Day 2019World Population Day 2019: Here’s everything you need to know about this day
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Do you know why family planning is important? While it may be just a kid or two more in the block, how well do you know how overpopulation will affect the economy? Population issue includes family planning, gender equality, child marriage, human rights, right to health, baby's health, work problems, etc.


Therefore, World Population Day focuses on creating awareness of such issues across the world. Observed on July 11 every year, the day is aimed to shift the focus towards the urgency and the significance of issues related to population.

World Population Day 2019 theme and significance:

The main aim of World Population Day is to spread awareness about the ill-effects of overpopulation. It also throws light on all the social issues that hamper overall development. While populated areas can affect the economy, it can also create problems in the development of a child to getting a job when he/she grows up. It also aims at spreading awareness on how women's reproductive health and rights need to take centre stage in global and national development efforts. 


Facts and Figures:


- While overpopulation can be harmful socially, it can also lead to depletion of resources which can harm mankind.

- Every year approximately 83 million people are being added to the world's population. By 2030, the World population is expected to 8.6 billion, and in 2050 by 9.8 billion.


- Approximately 800 women die due to pregnancy every day due to pregnancy-related complications and 20% of women from these are from India.

- 30% of the World Population is due to unwanted and accidental pregnancies.


Here are some of the most populated countries:

1 China - 1.4 Billion - 18.4% of World Population

2 India - 1.3 Billion - 17.7% of World Population

3 The United States of America - 329 Million

4 Indonesia - 269 Million

5 Brazil - 212 Million

6 Pakistan - 204 Million

7 Nigeria - 200 Million

8 Bangladesh - 168 Million

9 Russia - 143 Million

10 Mexico - 132 Million


What are your thoughts about World Population Day? Let us know in the comments section below.

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