Bigg Boss 12 October 28 Weekend Ka Vaar episode Highlights: Anup Jalota and Saba Khan EVICTED

Anup Jalota, Saba Khan, Srishty and Surbhi are nominated for this Bigg Boss 12 weekend eviction.
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Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 12 weekend ka vaar with Salman Khan started with ther superstar host welcoming viewers in his style. The actor reminds the viewers that tonight not one but two contestants will be evicted. It is going to be shocking news for the housemates as double eviction will take place. Anup Jalot, Saba Khan, Srishty and Surbhi are nominated for this weekend’s episode. 

10:00 PM: Salman Khan bid goodbye to the housemates and viewers, and promises fun-filled upcoming week with too many surprises in the store during the Diwali special episodes. 

9:45 PM: Salman Khan announces about double eviction and that one out of the nominated contestant will be evicted after Anup Jalota. With the lowest vote, Salman announces Saba Khan is the second contestant after Anup Jalota to get evicted in a double eviction.

9:30 PM: Salman announces ‘Sultani Akhada’ between two teams- wolf pack vs happy club. Sreesanth and Surbhi are the captains of their team.  Shivashish and Jasleen are in Sreesanth’s team while Romil and Deepak are in Surbhi’s team. Surbhi’s team ‘Happy Club’ wins the first argument round with one point. Surbhi wins the second round against Jasleen while Shivashish wins the third round against Deepak. The scores are equal and so Romil and Shivashish come inside the ring. With this, Sreesanth’s team wins ‘Sultani Akada’ round. 

9:20 PM: Salman Khan asks Rohit to sit on the love seat and he chooses Srishty Rode. Salman then places a game where he says statements referring to some of the contestants. Housemates have to guess the right by hitting the egg on each other. Deepak hits egg on Somi Khan’s head but it was a wrong guess. The person who said the statement was Shivashish. The next is Jasleen who hits egg on Surbhi’s head and she guessed it right. The next is Dipika and she hits egg on Sreesanth’s head and she guessed it right. Next is Megha, who hits egg on Romil’s head but her guess was wrong. It was Rohit who said it.

9:15 PM: Fizzy caller of the week is for Sreesanth who asks that he always talks about humanity during the task then why did he mix washing liquid in the food during the last task. Sreesanth replied to this that he did mix but did not use it on anyone. Salman Khan suggests him to always mention about it in the camera even if he is doing it just to scare his rivalries in the task.  Salman Khan Questions housemates who they think would get evicted this weekend. After asking to housemates, Salman announces Anup Jalota is evicted. 

9:10 PM: Salman Khan pulls Karanvir Bohar’s leg over his quirky choice of outfits. The superstar then questions captain of the house Deepak Thakur over how housemates accepted him as the captain.  Salman advices to take the responsibility of captain very carefully and asks him to take the captaincy seriously.

9:00 PM: Housemates were given a task where they had to prepare a dish. The cooking competition took place between Megha and Dipika Kakkar. Dipika cooked a dish which Sreesanth refused to taste. Salman Khan then interacts with housemates over cooking contest and asks housemates whose cooking they loved the best. Majority votes were given to Megha but final decision was made by Salman Khan who himself tasted the food. The actor announced Megha as the winner.

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