Bigg Boss 12: Vikas Gupta is MIFFED with Sreesanth on bringing family members of housemates into arguments

Ex-Bigg Boss contestant, Vikas Gupta took to social media to advise Sreesanth about his behaviour in the house during arguments. Read to know more.
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Bigg Boss 12 is one of those reality shows on Indian television that is turning out to be extremely controversial. Be it the arguments in the house or the fights that turn ugly, everything adds to the entertainment of viewers. However, at times, while fighting amongst each other, the housemates cross all lines and drag each other's personal lives into the game. Lately, this has been happening a lot in Bigg Boss 12 house, especially in Sreesanth’s case.

One of the most popular contestants in the house is the former cricketer S Sreesanth. In the past few weeks, we saw that his fight with Karanvir Bohra turned extremely ugly, and amidst the argument, he passed a comment on Karanvir’s family. Though this didn’t get highlighted by Salman Khan on Weekend Ka Vaar; however, Vikas took to Twitter to advise Sreesanth from doing so in the future. Vikas wrote, “We all have our interests, reasons 2 love or hate #Bigboss or any #Gharwala, they have decided to put their life on air but Not their family members. Do not drag family in your bid for opinion or attention, U r allowing others 2 say things about ur family #GiveRespectTakeRespect”.

Take a look:

Isn’t that interesting? Meanwhile, Sreesanth yesterday got into a huge mess with Surbhi Rana, where he passed comments about her character and that added fuel to the fire. Vikas, in his tweet, tried to point out the incident with Rohit Suchanti as well when he called Sreesanth ‘FlipSanth’ and said that he does not allow others to say anything about his family, but he doesn't follow the same. Thus, through social media, Vikas slammed and advised Sreesanth on dragging family of other housemates in the fights. Today, the Weekend Ka Vaar episode will see Salman Khan also bashing up Sreesanth and Surbhi for their behaviour in the house. Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates from the Bigg Boss 12 house.


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