Pratyusha Suicide Case: Will renting a house become more difficult for actors now?!

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Prayusha Banerjee's suicide has left everybody shocked. After her death, her friends and family have come out to fight for her justice. We also saw how Pratyusha's neighbours and building members did not avoid the media and helped with every possible information; Right from stating about the Saloni Sharma incident or the CCTV footage of Rahul carrying Pratyusha after she died, the members have revealed it all. But at times to avoid any kind of trouble to the society members, the society does not allow actors or bachelors to reside in their complex in order to prevent the members from any kind of inconvenience.

Here are celebrities from the Telly Ville, talking about the  problems of actors to search for a house that may increase considering the beautiful actress' untimely death.

REHAN ROY: I feel it will definitely create problems for the bachelor's to get flats on rent.  Especially, the actors and the models. It had been a problem anyway..but now it's gonna be even worse I feel.

ROOP DURGAPAL: I feel it depends on society to society though yes now flat owners will be more cautious as nobody wants to get embroiled in police-related cases. But earlier too, I have heard of actors & models facing issues in getting rented accommodation owing to their bachelor status, mostly we actors.

LAKSH LALWANI: Yes! I think it will be slightly a task. It was not easy for me to get a flat as well in 2015 . Now I think it will be even more difficult.

TINA DATTA- Housing problem for bachelors was always an issue especially actors but with recent cases, it would be more. There will surely be difficult for a bachelor to find a rented place.

MOHAMMAD NAZIM: Bachelors are always considered to be different species. If you are an actor it is assumed there will be a lot of home parties and late nights. All actors don't have such typical lifestyle. I feel societies should take a decision on a subjective basis. Cases of non-actors also happen but it is assumed it only happen with actors.

 MRUNAL JAIN: When TV actors case are widely reported surely the perception changes although relationships problems happen incorporate sector as well as normal folks life. It should be subjective and case to case basis but ironically bachelors will face problem for sure.

 MAHIKA SHARMA: It has always been a problem for bachelors to get a flat in family grounded societies. But with such cases will create more issues when it's about people  from entertainment industry.

AMAL SEHRAWAT : Definitely it will create more problem for bachelors as the whole world is having a negative perception about actors and nobody wants to be part of any trouble.

 KRISHNA GOKANI : Absolutely, It's going to get very challenging for bachelors and spinsters or for that matter anyone looking to rent a
 place. Especially after the devastating incident. Life isn't easy for anyone anywhere. A good home is very important.

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