BB10: Bani out of the ticket to finale race!

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Bigg Boss 10 grand finale is just around the corner and we have BB throwing in tasks for immunity and a straight ticket to the finale.
The recent solar system task will see Manu, Manveer and Bani compete in the final round. After the buzzer, Manu, Manveer and Bani start walking in the fourth and the last orbit of the solar system. Initially, they decide not to push each other but Bani further asks Manu and Manveer to walk anticlockwise. Both refuse at first but Bani makes an attempt again. Manu takes advantage of this opportunity and bumps off Bani’s bowl as a result of which she gets disqualified.
All hell breaks loose and Bani lashes out at Manu for pushing her even after setting few ground rules for the game. Manu defends himself by saying that it was not his fault but Bani refuses to listen and throws away her bowl in anger. And this leads to Bani being out of the ticket to finale race.

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Good! She should be out of the competition also now.

Bigg Boss seems rigged this season and all are saying they will make Bani win just like Prince. It is very evident that SK and the team are very partial to her, so I think the rumors are true. If yes, then it's really sad.

Left more than 90% of the tasks, makes her food separately and doesn't share even the stuff that is for everyone, doesn't get along with anyone in the house and all the housemates consider her negative. Oh, looks like Bani is the Mandana of this season minus the accent and foreign origin. She'll come to the finals for drama, but won't win. Bad example.

As usual Bani is making excuses for her inability. Manveer & Manu rule BB10.

Noone whom I know supports or likes Bani. But I see so many sites who are supporting like her like crazy... I think it is roadies gen who supported Prince as well... I will be really disappointed if she wins.. she's not got one quality that will make her a winner... I don't like the fact that SalmN is also very partial towards her...

yeah...Salman is too partial as always. Also, yaar... Bani ko nikal jana chahiye abhi. ho gaya drama

what manu did to bani was not right and see he was catched up by karma and manveer (who is playing with heart) wins

Bani would be the happiest person to leave the show. She just does not belong to the field of entertainment. Arrogant & disrespectful is the hallmark of her character.

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