Put in a cage, Manveer-Manu get a chance to meet viewers live; fans break the cage!

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Bigg Boss seems to be giving Manu & Manveer a chance to step out of the house and interact with their fans, after successfully completing the solar system task.  The activity took place at a suburban mall in Mumbai wherein Manu and Manveer were put inside a life-size cage and had to appeal for votes.

Supporters of Manu and Manveer had to put their votes in a ballot box kept in front of them. To Manu and Manveer’s surprise, they had become stars after surviving inside the house for 87 days. The crowd went berserk and the mall was filled with chants of Manu and Manveer’s name as the fans expressed their love and support for them. Not only this, they requested both of them to click selfies with them and also do their signature dance step.

Girls were seen going all gaga over Manveer and showered him with kisses and roses.Manveer also sang songs and performed gidda for his fans.They also touched all elderly people’s feet and asked for blessings. The crowd was so massive that not only Manu and Manveer got mobbed but the fans also tried to break the cage to meet their favorite contestant.

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Credits: pinkvilla

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These two have carried the entire season on their shoulders, rest all celebs were a bore except maybe Lopa and Rohan.

Bigg Boss 10 was all about these two. Either of them should win to be fair.

Thank you BB for giving such a lovely opportunity to the magnificent duo Manveer & Manu. May God shower both with HIS abundant grace & love.

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