Naitik's exit boosted TRPs; Given a choice, the writers wouldn’t want Akshara back- Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai's director Rajan Shahi

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The past year saw Indian Television's longest running show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai undergo a lot of changes.

The departure of Karan Mehra and Hina Khan aka Naitik and Akshara shocked many. While fans were disheartened and thought the show wouldn't sustain in the TRP race, it's director Rajan Shahi has a different story to tell. The director feels that their exit was for the better!

While talking to a daily, Shahi said, "With due respect to both the actors, it is a fact that after Naitik (Karan’s character) left we could consolidate our position much stronger and the TRPs actually increased. Likewise, after Hina’s exit, the show has grown. This is not to say that the two actors did not contribute to the show but this goes on to prove that people are interested in the new journey of Naitik and Akshara’s children." He further said, "The show’s soul is intact and with newcomers coming in, there is a new enthusiasm among the actors, who are committed to the show and believe in it. There is a positivity with the team.

Expounding it further, Rajan said, "Frankly, earlier we didn’t have time with the leads, everyone was going crazy. All the actors were overworking, the unit was overworking because there were just two-three hours of shooting with the lead actors. There was a certain tiredness, which had come, and now after the exits, a freshness has come and that’s because the team is giving time to the show. "

It is believed that the actors on becoming stars, because of their increasing popularity, develop a kind of self-pride leading to issues for the team. To this, the director said, "That is exactly what happened to Yeh Rishta… We were not able to shoot, writers were not able to write. We were not aware of what we were going to shoot the next day because of the excess baggage the actors carried with them that people were not even able to shoot. Nobody knew what was going on. The entire cast would be waiting for the lead to come and decide whether she or he wants to shoot. There is a scope of such beautiful stories with Naira and Karthik (Akshara and Naitik’s children) and the writers are excited. In fact, now even if we are given a choice, the writers wouldn’t want Akshara back."

The current track focuses on Naira and Kartik's wedding.


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