Huma Qureshi bashes Karan Grover, lauds Ridhima Pandit on The Drama Company

Huma Qureshi and director Gurinder Chadha promote their movie on The Drama Company.
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Actress Huma Qureshi and Gurinder Chadha were seen promoting their movie Partition: 1947 and having a blast on Sony Entertainment Television’s The Drama Company. This was Huma Qureshi and Gurinder Chadha’s first appearance on The Drama Company.

The episode got more exciting when Karan Grover got bashed by Huma Qureshi on the set. Gurinder Chadha, the director of the upcoming film decided to enact a scene where Karan Grover had to flirt with Huma Qureshi but for his surprise when he tried to flirt he was beaten up by Huma Qureshi. It was one funny scene as Karan Grover was not expecting this to happen. Source from the set revealed,” It was an entertaining scene as it was very impromptu. Karan Grover was seen flirting in Punjabi style but Huma Qureshi took up to him for a surprise.”

Meanwhile, when Ridhima Pandit entered on stage with cute little kids shaking a leg. Huma Qureshi was highly impressed with her skills and wanted to learn a few steps from her. Source from the set revealed, “Ridhima stole Huma Qureshi’s heart away with her performance. The cute little kids made it even more glamorous to watch.”

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