IPL 2019: Kabir Singh actress Nikita Dutta talks about hosting the game, her love for cricket and more

Nikita Dutta is currently hosting IPL 2019 and while the actress is sure pepped up about the games, looks like she does have a lot to speak about cricket too. Read her interview here.
IPL 2019: Kabir Singh actress Nikita Dutta talks about hosting the game, her love for cricket and moreIPL 2019: Kabir Singh actress Nikita Dutta talks about hosting the game, her love for cricket and more
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The season of IPL is one of the most awaited as all cricket fanatics go gaga over what the game has to offer. Though IPL has its own advantages and disadvantages and it has people with mixed views about the game, there is still a lot of craze about it. Even after more than 10 years since the league started, it brings in a lot of excitement every year, and continues to have the fans pepped up about the game. However, looks like it is not just the fans who are pepped up about the game.

Actress Nikita Dutta, who was last seen in Gold and will next be seen in Shahid Kapoor starrer Kabir Singh, has turned host and she does have a lot to say about the game in general. Right from turning the host and how did IPL happen to her love for cricket and a lot of other things, she got in a candid chat with us and spoke at length. She had something special to say about women's IPL season too, and we are all game for it.

How did you bag IPL?

I had worked for Star Sports on the T20 World Cup in 2014. They happened to get in touch with me again this time. And I was glad to get on board once again. This time for Indian Premier League.

How much will we get to see you on-screen during the matches?

Well, it is much different than what I had done 5 years ago. I am doing the pre-match shoots for the first time. So, in the beginning, there will be less of me since I am still warming up with the whole set up. Eventually, you will get to see me more often on-screen.

Have you been a cricket fan?

Yes indeed. I am like the huge percentage of Indians who follow majorly cricket when it comes to sports.

What kind of preparations have you done for this?

The crew has taken us through workshops to prepare us for going live. Unlike acting, there is no scope for retakes here. So, the more prepared the better it is. They have also helped me brush up my knowledge and statistics regarding cricket.

Which is your favourite cricketer and favourite team this IPL?

Haha! That’s definitely a tough one to pick. But I am a huge Dhoni fan and that makes CSK my favorite team. Though being loyal to where I am from, I do cheer for Mumbai Indians.

Have you followed IPL from the start?

I did follow the first two seasons when it had just begun. There was a gap in between in keeping a track with it but I am back to it now.

Who is your anchor from the cricketing world inspires you the most?

That’s difficult to say. I adore every anchor I watch or I am standing next to. It’s not the most easy job being live while you have countless instructions to follow. So, immense respect for each one out there.

Do you think there should be an IPL for women as well? Will the audiences be interested to see women across countries play on field?

Yes! There has been a positive change with people being aware about women’s cricket off late. It’s still far from what it needs to be but women are slowly getting the right recognition for this game.  

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