The Kapil Sharma Show: Kapil aka Inspector Shamsher is thrilled with PM Narendra Modi’s win; WATCH

The Kapil Sharma Show is one of the most loved shows on TV. Now, Kapil Sharma is back with his famous character Inspector Shamsher who is extremely elated to hear that PM Narendra Modi won the election. Take a look.
The Kapil Sharma Show promoThe Kapil Sharma Show: Kapil aka Inspector Shamsher is thrilled with PM Narendra Modi’s win; WATCH
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If there is one show over the weekends that everyone is looking forward to, then only one name comes to mind and it is none other than The Kapil Sharma Show. The show's second season marked the return of Kapil to TV after a year-long break and it has been a success so far. With celebs coming on the show and the new line of gigs, the viewers are enjoying Kapil’s return to comedy. Amidst this, Kapil is all set to bring an old character back to life that of Inspector Shamsher. 

The funny Punjabi inspector from Amritsar, played by Kapil Sharma became extremely popular back in the days of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. Now, Kapil is all set to bring him on his show. Earlier, Kapil had teased fans with a picture of Inspector Shamsher and now, a video was shared by him in which we can see Sumona Chakravarti and Chandan Prabhakar as well. Kapil can be seen teasing his co-stars on the show.

Also, Kapil aka Shamsher praises PM Narendra Modi. PM Narendra Modi won the Lok Sabha Elections 2019, and hence, on the show, Inspector Shamsher is thrilled to hear the news. He is seen telling Chandan, “Maine pehle hi kaha tha. Ayega toh Modi hi” (I had already told everyone that this time again PM Narendra Modi will win). Kapil had also congratulated the Prime Minister on winning the 17th Lok Sabha Election. This weekend, we can expect to see Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif also gracing Kapil’s show to promote their upcoming film, Bharat. 

Check out the promo:

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