Kasautii Zindagii Kay: After Hina Khan, Erica Fernandes to exit the show? Here’s what we know

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: After Hina Khan aka Komolika’s exit, it is being reported that Erica Fernandes aka Prena is all set to exit the show. Read on!
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Till date, the news of Hina Khan aka Komolika’s exit from Kasautii Zindagii Kay hasn’t gone down well with the fans. While they are yet to come to terms with it, there is another piece of shocker awaiting the viewers. According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, Erica Fernandes aka Prena is also going to exit the show! Ekta Kapoor’s Kasautii Zindagii Kay reboot kick-started in September 2018, and since then, the show has been topping the TRP charts and fans have been loving Anurag and Prerna’s jodi, but if there is any truth to the news of Erica’s exit from the show, then we are sure that the show is off to an abrupt end vis-a-via the cast.

“The writers are currently working on how to justify her exit. At the moment, they have yet to figure if Erica will be replaced,” as quoted by Mirror. When Erica was contacted, she said that she wouldn’t want to comment on this. Before heading to Cannes, Hina Khan shot her last few episodes and the cast and crew of Kasautii Zindagii Kay bid an emotional farewell to the actress. Erica Fernandes, who developed a friendly rapport with Hina Khan over the last few weeks, took to social media to pen a heartwarming note for Hina as she wrote, “I know i am late as always! But for me this wasn’t a farewell , it was us wishing you all the luck and love for whatever you choose to do ahead @realhinakhan . Our wishes , blessings and support will always be there with u . Its a shame that we grew close in the last few days of you being with us in the show. Thankyou for being there as a guide and support. Will have to meet soon once your back to continue the masti n madness.”

A few days back, it was being reported that Dill Mill Gayye fame actor Karan Singh Grover is all set to make an entry to the show as Mr. Bajaj and the makers are planning to shoot Karan’s entry scene in Switzerland. For all those who don’t know, the original Mr. Bajaj was essayed by Ronit Roy. Well, we wonder how fans will react to the news of Erica Fernandes aka Prerna’s exit from the show. Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for all the updates!

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If Erica exits I will not see the show. Erica is fantastic as Prerna

I love to see Erica as aka prerna if she will exits from the show it will be very disgusting erica plzz dont leave the showw

Surbhi Jyoti please. Make it happen.

What is the need of Surbhi Jyoti here?????

Erica Is The Best!!!

She is really good. She was great opposite KSG in Qubool Hai, and she will look great with Parth too.

Ya please.... We want new Prerna

Ya please........we want new Prerna

Prerna is the most miscast character. Besides poor acting skills, she won't even suit KSG.

yaa, Naagin3 is over now. Surbhi Jyoti will be great choice.

No Erica please don't do this

It will b good if Erica will leave bcos i don't like her acting

Erica is the best as aka Prerna we love her acting and they both are looking too good

Cool....I like to see parth n niti always. ...

If Erica will leave then I will quit watching the show anymore I wish it's all rumour nothing else

So happy finally she is leaving . thank god

She must leave the show..her acting is sooooo poor ... nothing match with her personality...go go go erica

If Erica goes it will be good. Ek deewana tha actress would be good, she has the classic bengali look

Erica is not at all good as Prerna and her nya nya voice with no modulation is so annoying.
I do not want SJ .she will look like an older sister for parth.
She can not act either.But she will be good with KSG as Bajaj.Ekata should get some one beautiful because Parth is very good looking and he is doing an excellent job as Anurag better than original.


Erica is the Biggest miscast of KZ2.

But we should get Niti and not SJ aunty

Erica we want


Both Parth and Erica are bad actors in KZK. Erica was good in the previous series. Parth oh man he is the worst actor of all. Even Hina wasn’t good at all. I guess the director isn’t good, that’s the reason why the actors are not putting their 100%

Erica is not at all beautifull to do justice to the role of prerna as it was did by shweta tiwari,,erica look so ugly with lot of makeup...makers would have casted somebody else better and beautifull.

SJ looks older now,She can not act to save her life.She can not dance.
She has so much make up on that you can see a demarcation line between her face and neck in Nagin 3.
Just layers of it .Her rest of the body looks so much darker than face.Why there is this obsession about looking lighter.

Erica I am fan please no live

We do not want Surbhi aunty on TV for next two years.

Her acting in Nagin3 was so bad We stopped watching that show.

She looks like horror with all that makeup on

Indian Tv has some terrible actresses in shows at present.
DT aunty with her over acting and boring face!
Surbhi Jyoti NO acting,No looks and no dancing skills

Erica better not say anything because we all can see it in KZ2.
What are the TV bosses doing ?sleeping or what.
SP is loosing its customers overseas because of these gang of talentless bad lookers

For all the hater of erica. I am 100% sure if erica will leave the show then the show will not off. For her acting the snow is going on and all like the show.she and Prath are best couple in this show no one will look better then get in this show.

I feel old at 29. Still miss the original. Seems like it was just yesterday.

Both Surbhi's are Most overrated actresses.
Neither has Looks,Talent or dancing skills
Ekata had to bring in a band of actors for Nagin 3 to stay in charts.
Koi Mil Gaya was huge Flop.
Ishqbaaz never had good TRP

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