Mona Singh on playing a mother again: I don’t worry about being typecast

Mona Singh has some good projects in her kitty. In her new digital show, she will again play the role of a mother. Read on to know what the actor has to say about taking up such roles.
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Mona Singh has a busy 2018 as the actor will be seen in two different digital shows and also a play. The actor has been ruling hearts for more than a decade now. She became very popular because of the show Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Mona Singh said that working on the online platform and doing different roles is thrilling, challenging and exciting for her. 
When asked about having different projects in her hands right now, she answered, "It has never happened that I pick up so many projects in a year. I run away after one project ends and most often I end up doing only one every year. I like to chill out for the rest of the year. But now, I will start the shoot of the second season of Ekta’s [Kapoor; producer] show with Ronit Roy and I have a new play titled Laughter Therapy, which we will be taking to Singapore and few other cities after a few months. I wrapped up the shoot of a new digital series set in the ’90s in 40 days and it was so much fun shooting for this show. It was pure nostalgia. I am unrecognisable in the show."
In one of her digital show, she will be playing the role of a mother. In one of her Television shows, Kya Hua Tera Vaada, she had portrayed a mother onscreen. When asked if she ever hesitates taking up such roles, she said, "Never. I played a mum six years ago in the TV show Kya Hua Tera Vaada, when I was much younger (laughs). I have no apprehensions as long as the content is good. And I don’t worry being typecast too. After that show, I went on to play the ‘other woman’ in Ekta’s digital show, so I feel that I have broken all the barriers. It’s all about challenging yourself and letting people know what you can do. And more than others, I like to challenge myself. I want to do roles that thrill, challenge and excite me."

Her career on television is of 15 years and now, she is working for different platforms like theatre and digital platform. When asked if that has helped her to find her groove, she states, "Maybe. I think every actor should keep reinventing themselves. It is very important to do different work. I love taking risks and I hate being in a comfort zone. If it works great, if not, it will teach you something. After my play Unfaithfully Yours, I felt like I became better on camera as theatre made me uninhibited."

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