Santoshi Ma fame Ayyaz Ahmed's new house is so cool

Ayyaz Ahmed's new house is classy.
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Actor Ayyaz Ahmed rose to fame with his stint in &TV's religious daily show Santoshi Ma. The actor played the main protagonist in the show. Ayaaz is currently is all on cloud nine, now that he is a proud owner of a posh house in the suburbs of Mumbai.

Ayyaz, keeping in mind of the ideology of Kama, has designed his house in a rather unique way, that gives a look of a hang out area more than a typical flat.
I wanted my people to come over to my house so I chose the area accordingly where my friends to could drop in anytime. I gave myself 2 months and that's how I landed my house what I call it as Karma cafe." said Ayyaz.
"The place is everything that you could ever want. Plus since I have moved into my new place I always have my friends over which I love because they tell me that the vibes are superb of the house. Keeping all that in mind I have decided to name my house Karma Cafe and the tag line is Karma Cafe - You will get service of what you deserve.  My friends have all come home but I am yet to keep a house warming for everyone but I am saving that for my parent's visit."

Ayyaz was born and brought up in Kolkata, however he moved to Mumbai about 10 years back to complete his aspiration of becoming an actor. Ayyaz has since been renting flats alone or with friends but he has always missed the time of mental peace which he had in Kolkata. So analysing all this last year, he finally decided of owning a flat of his own.

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