Varun Sood REVEALS he stood outside Benafsha Soonawalla’s house crying and didn’t sleep for two months

Varun Sood shared his painful story on Vikas Gupta's chat show Ace Of Space. Varun accused Benafsha of cheating on him with Priyank Sharma.
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Bigg Boss 11 mastermind Vikas Gupta is back on small screen with his show, Ace of Space and the first episode with former Roadies Varun Sood and former Splitsvillan Divya Agarwal took the viewers on an emotional ride. Varun Sood went on to express his angst against Divya’s ex Priyank Sharma and his ex-girlfriend Benafsha Soonawalla. When Vikas asked Varun and Divya if they have ever lied to their parents for the person they loved, Varun answered yes and said that he invested all his love in one girl and she cheated on him for some other guy. Balraj and Rashami Desai who are human lie-detectors on the show tell that he is speaking the truth as no one will accuse their ex on national television.

On being asked if Divya broke up with Priyank on National television to publicly humiliate him or she was so angry that she didn’t think about anything, the ex-Splitsvillan said that she wanted to see him one last time as she didn't have any other option. And even after leaving from Bigg Boss house, she felt she made a mistake as she could hear him calling her ‘D’. But when she saw the episode she saw him flip and it was then that she was sure, what she did was right.

While sharing his story on the show, Varun breaks down and reveals how he had to let go off many shows because he wanted to be with her. He tells, ‘I used to breathe her, I have stood outside her house crying and didn’t sleep for two months.’


With the first episode so full of drama, spice and masti, we wonder what the makers have in store for the viewers next.


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Men. Treat them like shit and they all come running, crying outside your house.

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