Beyhadh actress Kavita Ghai bears an uncanny resemblance to Rekha and this picture proves it!

Beyhadh has always kept its audience hooked to the show, all credits to the cast and their brilliant performances. Kavita Ghai plays the role of Maya aka Jennifer Winget's mother in the show and fans love the way she dresses and how she acts. 

Kavita has time and again been compared to the evergreen diva Rekha. Today, she posted a collage and by seeing it is is proved that she does bear an uncanny resemblance to Rekha. You would also agree with us that her style is very similar to the timeless beauty. 

Kavita's facial features are very close to Rekha. The way the two keep their hair on one side or how they tie a bun is something which can not go unnoticed in this collage. Both the divas are indeed stunners!

Earlier, when she was playing the role of  Piyali Khanna in Dosti Yaariyan Manmarzian, she was compared to Rekha. In an earlier interview, she had said, "Only when I was told that I reminded everyone of Rekhaji, I realised that yes, this is how she dresses up too. I am extremely overwhelmed. It was very sweet of everyone to say that to me. But nobody can be compared to Rekhaji. I have watched her onscreen and her performances are mesmerising. I also love the way she dresses up. She is always so simple, yet so elegant."

Isn't she a true beauty like Rekha? Do you agree? Tell us in the comments below!


So this is what I receive on Valentines.. Thank You @raeha.baig...what an effort. day is made.

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there is non other than THE Rekha.

You cannot recognize Rekha if she ever showed her face without the tonnes and layers of makeup she puts on.

Kavita is beautiful.

Kavita is Gorgeous and does look a lot like Rekha.

Fffi cannot even see a remote resemblance to Rekha in this actress Kavita and I should know as I am a profile artist! Kavita ma look good but has totally different features to Rekha!

i see no resemblance.

Not only she looks like rekha but she sounds like her as well

What a joker she is

In your dreams!

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