BFFs Sanaya-Mohit, Barun, Ridhi-Raqesh & others have a blast at their Valentines party!

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Think about one gang of happy-go-lucky buddies of the Telly Ville and we have the gorgeous Sanaya Irani, Mohit Sehgal, Riddhi Dogra, Raqesh Vashisht along with Barun Sobti his wife Pashmeen and Akshay Dogra and his wife.

The bunch of BFFs makes it a point to celebrate almost every occasion in the most happening way possible.

Having said that, the gang called in Valentine's Day together and we are sure they have had a blast.

We got our hands on a few clicks straight from their fun and frolic party, where all of them, along with a few more buddies, are seen letting their hair down.

Seen in the clicks are Ridhi, Raqesh, Sanaya, Mohit, Barun, Pashmeen, Akshay and a few others.

While the gang knows how to party hard, each one of them is equally talented when it comes to showcasing their acting skills. While Ridhi is slaying as a vamp on Zee TV's Woh Apna Sa, Raqesh was last seen on Bahu Humari Rajnikanth.

Barun garnered a lot of appreciation for his recently launched web series Tanhaiyaan and Akshay is the current villain in town on & TV's Waaris.

Sanaya apparently is in talks for a new show after her previous one, Meenu Mausi got scrapped. Mohit was last seen on Sarojini.

Work hard and party harder! What say?!


Credits: Instagram

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i love sanaya

I feel bad for Sanaya and Mohit since neither one of them has any work since they got married. All their other friends at the party seem to be working. I don't know why these two are getting ignored by the TV industry since they're both very talented especially Sanaya

I think you r wrong because Sanaya has got many offers since her marriage but she was on vacation with her husband Mohit and she didn't like many show offers as in today's time people only make Saas bahu or naagin shows. She liked Meenu Mausi but the show got scrapped and hence she's looking forward for a good show and is in no hurry. Whereas Mohit has not got so many offers in recent times.

Mohit is a restaurateur/has his own business

That's good to know about Mohit. I read in comments of some readers that Sanaya will be the bread earner etc. I felt bad as struggle is a part of any industry. This will shut those people (I hope).

Why did Sobti work with Gul ? she was the one who caused all problems for him in the past .Why was he so desperate that he worked with her ? As for the others they are friends for good times .No one stood up for him when he was bashed except Sanaya.

Barun and sanaya are the true bestie... They support each other every single time and they do not hide it. Love them. No matter with whoever they work but their chemistry will remain forever as an onscreen couple and eternal friendship. Hope to see sarun together creating sizzling chemistry.

I am amazed at the ugliness of his wife ,it is limitless

I was a fan of Sobti but After watching Tanhayian i am not sure anymore.

Barun and Sanaya seem to have an understanding between them.They are so on same wavelength and so much trust.Their chemistry is unbetable.Tanhayiaan proved it

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