Thank you for irritating the f*** out of me everyday! - Karan Kundra's V-Day post for GF Anusha is endearing

TV star Karan Kundra posted an awwdorble message for GF Anusha Dandekar on Instagram for Valentine's Day.

TV star Karan Kundra and VJ Anusha Dandekar are going strong for two years now. They are one of the only few couples who are open about their relationship in public and does not shy away from PDA. 

Currently, the two are a part of MTV Love School and are going strong in their relationship. 

Initially, when the two started dating, a lot of negativity surrounded Karan-Anusha. Back then, she said a leading daily, “I get a lot of hate. It was difficult at first because I used to think that why everybody is so mean and then I realized that Karan and I are having a great time. Having this relationship, being friends, travelling together and working together. So, I can’t let social media ruin that for me.”

In the similar interview, Anushka candidly spoke about Karan. "I like being alone but with Karan, I don’t feel like he is coming on my way, even if he is 24/7 around me. So, that is the sign of a healthy relationship. We give each other space even if we are together. I don’t want a single day off from him.”

This Valentine's Day, enough though late, Karan posted a heartwarming message for Anushka which had us go aww. He took to Instagram and posted, "Happy Valentine's Day peeps!! I know the post is a day late but I was having the best valentines of my life and didn't want to do anything else but be with my #doofus! hope you had a great one! You actually don't need a day to celebrate love if life itself is a celebration of love! Love is like the most comfortable pair of socks, like the sound a Lamborghini on idle, like the smell of idli sambar, the sight of the Taj Mahal! Love is simple like an avalanche.. just enormous! Thank you @vjanusha for being all of the above in my life! Thank you for being my strength, my discomfort my happiness my cuteness thank you for irritating the fuck out of me everyday thank you for being a child with me thank you for #love"


We adore these two, do you!?

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Credits: instagramThe Indian Express

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Too too too much of trying to be all cuddly and mushy love! Anushka's snapstory yesterday was a little too much when she says "karan is extra cute today" and he says "guess whats gonna happen tonight ". Like why would she even post that on story!???

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