Photos: Jennifer Winget, Karan Wahi, Sehban Azim and others party with birthday boy Harshad Chopda

Harshad Chopda had a perfect end to his day as he partied with friends as well as Bepannaah co-stars including Jennifer Winget, Sehban Azim, Karan Wahi and many others. Check out a few pics from the night.
Photos: Jennifer Winget, Karan Wahi, Sehban Azim and others party with birthday boy Harshad ChopdaPhotos: Jennifer Winget, Karan Wahi, Sehban Azim and others party with birthday boy Harshad Chopda
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Harshad Chopda celebrated his birthday last night and well, looks like it was sure quite a gala affair and everyone had a great time partying together. The actor, who is seldom seen partying and/or sharing too many pictures reunited with his Bepannaah co-stars as well and also good friends who go way back. While the actor did not share a single picture just as yet, we did come across a few of the pictures and videos from the big night and well, here they are!

Attending the party last night were Jennifer Winget, Karan Wahi, Sehban Azim, Namita Dubey, Mallika Nayak, Parineeta Borthakur, Rajesh Khattar, and a few other members who are close to the actor. Ever since Bepannaah, Harshad has grown extremely fond of his co-stars and his friendship with Karan as well as Sehban goes back in time. Everyone couldn't seem to stop smiling while getting the pictures clicked and well, we bet the fans would love to get a sneak peek into what did the party look like!

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Meanwhile, the fans have been waiting for the actor to come together with his Bepannaah co-star Jennifer for a second season of the show. A lot is being talked about the second season of not just Bepannaah but also Beyhadh and reports suggested that Harshad might join in. However, the reports faded soon and there hasn't been any development as such since.

Here's wishing the actor a final happy birthday and all the good luck for the year ahead.




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