5 killer moves of Payal Rohatgi that will make you turn to Yoga!

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Yoga freak Payal Rohatgi’s pictures are all you need to get that much-needed inspiration to turn into a yoga loyalist. Payal has been doing yoga for quite some time now as is evident in the way she holds her poses. The credit for her perfect ten frame goes to not any fancy gym workout but to the ancient science of living healthy. Here are a few pictures of hers that will make PM and yoga lover Narendra Modi proud and others inspired to join a yoga class!

When in doubt, do the downward facing pose to get the blood flow to your head.

One can never go wrong with this posture when all you need is strong arms.

This pose is all for toned legs and waist.

Inverted poses get you going when the going gets tough.

The crow pose is a sign of a perfect yoga practitioner

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