Bigg Boss 9: Check out the spectacular house, which boasts of grandeur and style!

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With Sunday being just around the corner, we can't wait to catch a glimpse of the Bigg Boss madness. Our favorite host Salman Khan will be back hosting the most popular TV reality show this Sunday and we are ever so eager. That is why we could not help sharing these pictures of the Bigg Boss home. 

The Bigg Boss home, situated as usual in Lonavla, looks spectacular with its colorful interiors and grand decor. The house also has a upper floor in the garden area where couples can sit. It looks like Bigg Boss has made prior arrangements for the steamy romance that always brews inside the Bigg Boss house. 

You may notice that there are some double beds. Apparently, these are for the 'jodi' contestants who are all set to enter the house. A total of 14 contestants will enter the house, some of them being couples. The couples will apparently be tied up in ropes, making their entry more difficult. 

What do you think of these pictures?


Someone got too pinteresty. That's one hideous monstrosity. Half the contestants are gonna come out blind. Let madness commence !

this look like ppl from every continent going to meet there.

i know whoever wrote this article headline couldnt contain the sacarsm one up for u if that is.

Always has the same layout, just minor tweaks and attrocious decor every time.

OMG! WOW! It's pretty gaudy but I do like everything just not in one room. The floors, the grass chairs aka(living Seating) the ceiling embellishment is really cool, etc. Looks like Gauri Khan Designed this house.

Only thing I like ... the Living Seatings (grass chairs)

Omg contestants are lucky to have lots of mirror in the bedroom especially for the girls. They can dress up right, and do their makeup and hair properly. Also,I lik3 the royal bench outside the showers in the washroom.

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