Srishty Rode's nightmare is her own voice!

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TV actor Srishty Rode, who is working in the upcoming show 'Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi', has habit of talking in her sleep since childhood and it gets scarier every night!

The actress not only talks well, but also answers correctly while sleeping without any consciousness.

Srishty says, "I have this problem since childhood. I talk in English, South Indian accent or Urdu accident, anything. Initially, my family found it interesting. My mom used to come to me and ask various questions because I would answer them correctly without knowing it. But later on they started getting irritated as none of them could sleep in my room due to all the noise I made."

The actor also gets weird dreams every night. "When not shooting I sleep for twelve hours. I see lots of dreams the moment I fell asleep. I see people whom I meet during the day in my dreams. Every night I see imaginative dreams with various unrealistic things. Also, I talk in my sleep. So normally I get up in the middle of the night, terrified that I heard someone before realizing that I heard me talking in sleep. It's weird and scary! Of course, I forget all that in the morning but I cannot sleep alone anymore. I have accepted the sleeping problem as a part of my life.”



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