Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani: At Gayatri’s behest, Ranaji crowns fake Sulakshna as the Queen; Gayatri decides to leave Ranaji for good!

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Gayatri’s (Drashti Dhami) married life is in choppy waters these days due to the shocking return-from-the-dead of his first wife Sulakshna (Jayna Tida).

To tell you the truth, she is not the real Sulakshna but a con hired by Ranaji’s nasty grandmother Badi Rani. Apparently, Badi Rani, who is the step grandmother of Ranaji, does not want him to settle down and is perhaps hands-in-glove with other conspirators of the royal clan. Since, Ranaji and Gayatri’s union will give birth to heir of the royal family, Badi Rani Ma has concocted a fake story to introduce a fake Sulakshna in Ranaji’s life to separate him from Gayatri. Ranaji, however, is unaware of the wickedness of his grandmother. And, as we told you earlier, Badi Rani Ma is actually the veiled woman who has been mapping the moves of Ranaji, Raj Mata and Gayatri.

Now, this fake woman posing to be Sulakshna is using a tried and tested Bollywood funda of wearing rubber-like masks so that she looks exactly like Ranaji’s first wife. Her unusual antics that make her so unlike Sulakshna, have aroused the suspicion of Ranaji and Raj Mata. However, the truth is being carefully guarded by Badi Rani Ma.

Meanwhile, at Gayatri’s behest, Ranaji has crowned (the fake) Sulakshna as his queen and has duly returned her rights to her. Also, being the sacrificial lamb she is, Gayatri has also decided to leave Ranaji so that he could reunite with his first love Sulakshna. On the other hand, Ranaji is still not convinced about accepting Sulakshna as the woman he loved so dearly. He is torn between Gayatri and Sulakshna and does not want to break Gayatri’s heart.

And then there is Princess Swarnalekha, who has run away from the clutches of her brute, gay husband Prince Lakshya and his wicked parents. Swarna’s in-laws had forced her to sleep with another man so that she could give them the family heir. However, Swarna was aghast at the idea and ran away to save her life. While running in the jungle, co-incidentally, she encountered the same village Casanova whom Swarna’s father-in-law had met to father a baby with Swarna. The man saves Swarna from being captured by Lakshya and his soldiers in exchange of a hefty sum; and later at her behest, drives her away in his tractor to a distant place away from her evil husband and in-laws.

Where will the Casanova lead Swarna to? Will Gayatri leave the palace or learn Sulakshna and Badi Rani’s truth?

To be continued…

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