YRKKH: Akshara calls up an Ashram in Rishikesh; Naira answers the call

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The Episode begins with Akshara calling on numbers of coordinators in Rishikesh to confirm their booking and stay. She calls on a number and Naira picks up. Naira is unable to talk because she has her mouth filled with food. She handsover the phone to the owner of the Ashram. Akshara asks him to book their stay.

Naira asks who was it to which he says that the tourists will message their details in a while. Naira thinks of a plan to extract money from the ladies unaware of the fact that they are her own family. Mishti comes and informs Karishma about her project being selected at school. Karishma and all are happy but Mishti becomes sad when Karishma comments on her height. Gayatri consoles her and tries making her happy. Akshara talks to Gayu but till then Varsha comes and Akshara thanks her for going along with Bhabhimaa to Rishikesh. Naira tries to make kids of the Ashram go to sleep by singing the song Akshara sung for her when she a kid. The owner of the Ashram asks Naira from where she learnt the lullaby.

Naira says from her mother and stops. She changes the topic. She goes and cries and asks herself to be strong thinking about the misunderstanding during Sukanya's incident. The boy irritates Naira. To be continued.

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