Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi: Ishwari decides to let Sona and Dev stay separately in a new house

The episode begins with Dev apologizing to Bejoy and his family for slapping him. Bejoy gets mad at him and leaves the house. Sona too goes along with him. Dev tries to stop but in vain. Sona decides to keep the Bose house on mortgage. Everybody gets shocked. But Bejoy supports her decision. Saurav cries out of guilt.

Dev keeps calling Sona and apologizes. But Sona decides to stay back and sort the issue. She decides to repay the money taken from Dev. Dev eagerly waits for Sona to return. Radha brainwashes Ishwari. Ishwari is deeply hurt by Dev and decides to let Dev and Sona stay separately, away from them. Dev is shocked to know and decides not to leave her at all. Ishwari's brother returns and comes to know about Sona's medical condition. He too is shocked. 

To be continued.

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Credits: pinkvilla

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