The Kapil Sharma Show February 2, 2019 update: Sania Mirza pulls Kapil Sharma’s leg leaving him speechless

On the Kapil Sharma Show this week, Sania Mirza will manage to have Kapil go speechless and he will be at the receving end of some banter.
The Kapil Sharma Show February 2, 2019 update: Sania Mirza pulls Kapil Sharma’s leg leaving him speechless.The Kapil Sharma Show February 2, 2019 update: Sania Mirza pulls Kapil Sharma’s leg leaving him speechless.
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In today’s episode, the guest on the show is none other than Sania Mirza, a name which has made India proud in more than one ways. She has got India many awards on an international level. Few awards include Arjuna Award, Padmashree and many more. Siddhu Paaji congratulates Sania on becoming a mother, to which she gangs up with Siddhu Ji in return and pulls Kapil’s leg on getting married and asking him when is he giving everyone the good news. Kapil blushes and says it will not happen so soon.

The first question Kapil asks Sania is who is changing the diapers of the newly born, Izhaan and whether or not it is decided by a toss between the couple. Sania replies that Shohaib doesn’t get an opportunity often these days as he’s busy playing in South Africa but she does change the diapers. Sania further makes fun of Kapil saying that the English language doesn’t like him either when he fumbles on mentioning the date of the newly born kid which was October 30, 2018.

Kapil asks Sania whats her future plans on getting back on the court are to which she said has gone through a massive transformation throughout the journey of having a kid. She also told Kapil that it is like rebirth, nevertheless, she is planning to get back by the end of 2019 after loosing those extra kilos she’s put on. Kapil Sharma and Sania Mirza recall one of their fond memories where when Kapil was visiting Hyderabad for his work, he had asked Sania, while she was in Dubai, about the best place where he could find Hyderabadi biryani, to which she herself called up and got the biryanis delivered at the hotel. The man who delivered it did not ask for any money and humorously asked them to return the vessels in favour. Sania was seen accounting for the lost vessels in humour.

Sania shares the seat with her sister, Anam Mirza who is definitely her partner-in-crime like all grown up siblings, who swear by the sister code of keeping things to themselves. Anam has a perfect jija-Sali relationship with Shoaib where they argue, fight and crib with each other which drains all the energy out of Shoaib which saves Sania from Shoaib getting to fight with her.

There were two elderly couples with whom the sister duo and Kapil Sharma had lots of fun and hampers were given out to both of them as a gesture of sportsmanship.

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