Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala May 13, 2019 Written Update: Kulfi reunites with her gang

Today in Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala, Mahinder tells Sikander about his relation with Kulfi while she reunites with her gang. Later, Loveleen is shocked by Sikander's changed attitude.
Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala May 13, 2019 Written Update: Kulfi reunites with her gangKullfi Kumarr Bajewala May 13, 2019 Written Update: Kulfi reunites with her gang
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[22:55, 5/13/2019] Moti: In previous episode, Kulfi's suspicion grows after Sikander threatens her while Amyra gets mad at her. Later, Loveleen tries to calm a violent Sikander. Mohendra asks Kulfi how did she make the sketch to which she explains him about the dream she saw, which lead her to make the sketch. Amyra comes in rage and blames Kulfi for trying to incense Sikander by showing him the sketch, as she could not digest the fact that Sikander no more loved her.

Mohendra tried to stop Amyra however she behaved rudely with him as well, not wanting him to interrupt. Amyra tells Kulfi that she should fulfil her wish to call Sikander ‘baba’ and leave from her house, as nobody wanted her around. Here, Sikander tells Loveleen that he got a panic attack seeing the sketch, as it reminded him of the accident when he thought he would be dead. He wanted to bury the memories deep down so that he was never bothered by the incident again. Loveleen understands his situation and consoles Sikander, however, she gets nervous as he comes close to her. Just when Sikander was about to keep his head on Loveleen’s lap, Mohender comes in and wanted to talk to him. Mohender tells Sikander that he had scolded Kulfi for no reason and while conversing tells Sikander that Kulfi was his own daughter. Sikander seemed shocked and asks Mohender to tell him more about Kulfi as he seemed to forget the whole incident. Sikander feels guilty to learn about Kulfi’s sacrifices and having scolded her. He promises Mohinder to keep Kulfi and Amyra happy, as he wasn’t there when his daughters needed him.

Before speaking to Kulfi, he goes to Loveleen and asks her whether or not she was angry with him because of Nimrat. Loveleen found his question odd and gets shocked to see Sikander apologise to her. Sikander tells Loveleen that he had made the biggest mistake of his life to bring Kulfi in the house and that he will not let Kulfi stay with them. He tells Loveleen that she and Amyra was the most important part of his life and he would not let Kulfi intrude in their lives. Sikander tells Loveleen that Kulfi would have to leave as he wanted to see Loveleen and Amyra happy. Loveleen gets shocked to see his changed attitude.

In the meantime, Kulfi grieved to see a changed Sikander, just when the watchman calls her and tells her that her friends had come to see her. Kulfi lightens up and runs to see them. Rocket, Saraswati, and Zinda unanimously tells her that Ammaji was thrown out from the remand home and that Rajan was the in-charge now. They also tell her that the remand home has now become a house where they were immensely happy. They see Kulfi’s sad face and asks the reason behind her hidden tears. Kulfi hesitates but tells them that she finds Sikander to be a changed man, who did not love her anymore. She tells them that Sikander haven’t spoken to her from the time he had come from the hospital and that she feels the real Sikander got lost at the place where the accident took place. Zinda asked her about the place and Kulfi takes out the sketch and shows them. She tells them that she saw a dream which lead her to make the sketch and Bansi tells Kulfi that it was the sketch of the sunset point. Kulfi tells him that she wanted to go there and leaves for the place. Kulfi goes to the location where the accident took place and found a temple there. She prayed to God and seeks blessings, to help her reach to the truth. Kulfi seemed worried when she could hear Sikander call out for her and the voice directed her towards a ditch.


Kulfi is a good show the only thing that bugs me is that they drag it too much like thie confused man who is sikander lookalikej cause during accident sikander was thrown in a ditch inder the bridge and the bad guys face was badly. Damaged so reconstructed hihis.face and since they knew what sikander looked they gave him anew face thief gotaplace to stay andmoney

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