#IAmFlawsome: Bharti Singh, Abhay Deol & others reveal how despite having flaws, they still are awesome!

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It is not easy to let go of the lows in one's life and yet, move on. But to be happy and to live each moment in the best way possible, it is very essential to accept your own flaws and work upon them rather than simply being cranky. One needs to deal with situations with the utmost confidence and never let anyone put them down considering their flaws, because no one is perfect. Everybody has some or the other flaws. But the one who accepts them and still considers life to be awesome is the one who is simply flawsome. MTV's latest campaign teaches that it is not important to be flawless but to be flawsome! Watch Bharti Singh, Abhay Deol, Varun Sood, Yuvraaj Thakur, Martina Thariyan reveal why despite having flaws, they still are awesome!

Varun Sood;-

“As a child I was often bullied because I was a fat kid. If I would have been affected by what others thought about me, I wouldn’t be where I am now. Nobody is perfect. I have the freedom to flaunt my flaws. #IAmFlawsome.”

Martina Thariyan;-

“Two years back I participated in this pageant which had all professional models in it. I felt so out of place. I do not know what I was doing there but I was surprised I reached Top 16. After that I got to hear so many taunts, insults and comments like “You do not belong here”, “You are not meant for this pageant, because apparently I was not size zero and didn’t deserve to wear those designer clothes. I have the freedom to flaunt my flaws. #IAmFlawsome.”

Yuvraj Thakur;-

“Everyone has some or the other flaws. I have anger issues. I broke my hand hitting into the wall. I started doing distance running, MMA and transformed my anger into my training. I am a calmer person now. I have the freedom to flaunt my flaws. #IAmFlawsome”

Abhay Deol talks about overcoming the lows and being awesome from PINKVILLA on Vimeo.

Bharti singh talks about her weighty issues from PINKVILLA on Vimeo.

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