Satyamev Jayate 3: Big B, Aamir, Parineeti, Deepika, Kangana get bashful about objectification of women in cinema!

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Egoistic, power hungry, dominating, aggressive and anger-ridden – these are the qualities that have defined men for centuries. What makes men beasts in current times was the question of Satyamev Jayate Season 3’s last episode.

Be it any crime, there are mostly men involved in it. And the episode sought answers to this growing issue.

Mahendra Singh and Aradhna Singh were the first guest speakers invited by Aamir to share their trauma that shook the foundations of their family life.

After working for 8 years, Mahendra Singh had collected enough money to set some a printing business for his elder son. Life was good for Mahendra and his family until one day, when his son, went out to buy paper for the printing work, his vehicle brushed a bit with the new motorbike of some men, while on his way back to home.

The men on the bike got angry at Mahendra’s son for the scratch on their new vehicle. In a fit of rage, one of the men, who was a young lad, began beating Mahendra’s son at his own father’s behest who was the other person travelling with him.

The man hit Mahendra’s son repeatedly at his private parts, his heart and his head.

By the time, Mahendra reached the spot where crime happened, the police casually said that the victim is fine but has been ushered to the hospital. However, Mahendra’s world came crashing down when he found his son dead the moment he reached the hospital.

In a broken voice, the deceased’s parents – Mahendra and Aradhna requested the people to control their animalistic tendencies and pointed out towards the fact that being an independent nation, they are still not free because of the violence prevalent throughout the country. With tears in their eyes they urged people to control their mind for a greater good.

If this incident was not enough to prove how debase man has become in current times, Mr. Triveni Sahai Gangwar’s painful story brought tears to the eyes of the audience.

Mr. Gangwar had sent his son Amit at NIT, Jalandhar, Punjab to study engineering. Little did the parent know that he is sending his son to the mouth of death.

On October 11, 20005, Mr. Ganngwar received a phone call from his son Amit who spoke in a severely broken voice. The parent asked him if all was well with him. But Amit kept his woes hidden quite surprisingly as he has always been candid with his parents.

That was the last time Amit’s parents spoke to him. The next day, Mr. Gangwar received a phone call from an inspector informing him about his son’s suicide before a running train.

The news broke down the parents of Amit and they rushed to see their son’s body. The police, unfortunately, brushed up the matter but it was the media that revealed to Mr. Gangwar that Amit had left a suicide note mentioning the names of those students who have harassed him. Finally, after giving a statement to the press, Mr. Gangwar was successful in getting the suicide note from police custody.

It was heartbreaking to read the contents to Amit’s suicide note as it said how he was molested sexually, physically and mentally and the obnoxious actions he was forced to do by the seniors are not even worth sharing with his parents! Sadly, the judicial system has failed to deliver justice to Amit and his parents for the loss they have suffered.

Gaurav Singhal, Society Against Violence in Education (SAVE) shared the startling statistics on the show via 3G link. He said the government helpline against ragging gets 5-6 lakh phone calls from the ones who have been ragged. The mindset behind the ones who rag is the thought of making a macho image. Also, the students who were ragged in their 1st year take to revenge by ragging the freshers.

Then after, Aamir lead a brief talk with 5 men from different parts of India who shared how they were raised by their family. One of them said that he was taught to never show tears before anyone while the other man said he grew up witnessing his father and grandfather beat up their wives which inspired him to beat up his wife as well. On the other hand, a man mentioned how he was taught to look at women as an object and show no feelings towards her. He also said that married men in his society would seek their women when they had the urge to have sex! And men believe it is unmanly on the man’s part if he even takes his baby or changes his/her nappy. Another man said that once during his growing up years, his mother refused to give him food unless he would go and beat up the boy to seek revenge.
Jab samaj aisa ban raha ho to kaise kroor honge wahan log” (when the society if being formed with such a mindset then we can imagine what kind of people would be populating it), stated on of the guest speakers present in the group.

Kamla Bhasin, an activist and writer, spoke very candidly about the issue. Expressing her views on real men, she said, “Takat ko mohabbat mat karo, Mohabbat ki takat ko samjho” (don’t love power but understand the power of love). According to her, the person who rapes a woman or performs a heinous act, is the biggest and sole loser as he loses his humanity!

It was then time to move on to discuss the impact that Hindi films have on the masses. Aamir invited famous actresses Deepika Padukone, Parineeti Chopra and Kanagana Ranaut on the sets for the talk.

But before beginning the discussion, he ran a clip of scenes from films that have given out the wrong message to the viewers. And the lessons that men often learn from such films go like this:

Lesson #1 – Behave like a ruffian with a girl or think her to be an item and she is going to like it.

Lesson #2 – If you kiss a girl forcibly, she is going to feel good about it.

Lesson #3 – There is nothing wrong about passing lewd comments about a girl’s character on the basis of the clothes she wears.

Lesson #4 – It is alright if the ‘hero’ beats up his girlfriend or wife.

Lesson #5 – Despite a girl’s resistance, forcing yourself upon her is a symbol of heroism.

Lesson #6 – Girls are not human. They are things.

When asked by Aamir about their personal experiences that involved them being molested by men, the actresses had interesting things to tell however their experience was no different from what ordinary girls face.
Deepika said she has faced such situations in the past but she would never accept such kind of attitude.

Kanagana said that if a girl says No to a boy then it should be taken as a No. Not a Yes as it is popularly shown in films.

Parineeti revealed how during her school days she had to face rape-sort of situations when boys used to follow her on her way to school and pass unacceptable comments to bother her.

On the other hand, Kanagana recalled how two men on a speeding motorbike punched her on her chest during her days in Chandigarh and she fainted on the road as a result. She also said how humiliating it is for a girl to bear such situations. Parineeti added that it is the girl who is questioned for her morality when such sad incidents occur.

The actresses noted that men usually think that if the heroine has accepted the hero’s proposal in the movie even if he has resorted to wrong means to woo her, it is okay if the men apply the same tactic in real life too.

Deepika confessed she did not know earlier how impactful films could be on the society. But going by the repercussions movies could have on the mindset of viewers, she has decided to be careful about choosing films henceforth.

This brought Aamir to ask the audiences whether films should stop portraying women as an object or an item.

Kangana quipped to mention how she refused almost a dozen item numbers when she realized how adversely the raunchy item songs are affecting the mind of her friend’s little girl.

Next, Aamir asked the ladies to tell about the qualities they would look for in an ideal man.

Deepika said that real men should emote and be expressive as opposed to conceal their feelings ‘coz women like such qualities in men. She added that woman just want to be loved by men!

According to Kangana, real men should be sensitive towards the needs of women and cooperative.

While Parineeti added that the men who go by paternal views or orthodox notions such as not doing kitchen work or sob publicly are not good to be called real men.

The last but not the least person to share the dais with Aamir was none other than the legend himself – Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.

During the talk, Amitabh Bachchan said he was lucky that his parents never fought or argued nor he has beaten up his children ever.

He narrated an incident when once during his college days in Delhi University, he and a couple of other men from his college were chosen to be a part of Miranda College’s annual play. The gang dressed up excitedly and went to the college in the hope of checking out girls. But the moment they entered the college compound of the back gate, they found themselves landed at the place where the girls’ hostel is located. As soon as the girls saw them, they began passing comments and teasing the visitors. Mr. Bachchan noted that it was on that day he realized how the humiliated girls feel when they face a similar situation. He felt for the women who get harassed by unfeeling men.

Aamir asked what Mr. Bachchan would call such men who suppress their women. To this, Mr. Bachchan answered that such men are not worthy of being called men!

The talk ended with Big B asking all men to be expressive and kind towards their women and treat them as equals!

Satyamev Jayate!

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I saw the episode and I must say parineeti and kangana were quite good. Shared some personal experiences.deepika on the other hand was just staring blankly at everyone. Amir khan had to keep trying to bring her into the conversation. After watching this show and actress round table with Rajeev masand I realized that deepika never has anything interesting yo share ever. A big bore . BTW am not a Katrina fan or whatever.b

Deepika was so clueless about this who issue. WTH? Does she even know what goes on in India with a regular woman? No wonder she made a hue and cry about the whole cleavage issue like that was the end of the world.

This episode was brilliant...Kudos to Aamir Khan! But my oh my did Deepika make me cringe. I'm actually one of her fans you know....but I'm not so blindly in love with her that I'd simply gloss over an embarrassment like this! She really shouldn't just turn up for every interview JUST for the heck of it - just cos she was invited cos she's at the peak of her career now - cos I can see that's what all her television appearances are all about, building her brand, being visible. The least she could do is say something valuable - but she never does. Not on Satyamev Jayate, not on the panel discussions with Anupama Chopra on The Front Row, not on any other platform where she has been given the opportunity to share her ideas and process as an actor. She simply had nothing of substance to contribute to the conversation on this show! Her facial expression and whatever little she did say only served to highlight what an ignorant individual she is. She just resorted to her usual generic and cliche answers again. She's beautiful, and wonderfully nice, warm, caring and now a talented actor too - I love her for all these reasons....but I'm not so blind that I can't see how unfortunately dim-witted she is. This is why Kangana Ranaut will always be my ultimate favourite, followed by Vidya Balan. They're fabulous on-screen, but even better off-screen! Such dynamic personalities....It's a shame the same cannot be said for Deepika, who isn't the brightest bulb around for sure! Every time she interviews with Kangana, she ends up looking like a fool, because Kangana is just so articulate and has some really sound opinions which she conveys beautifully. As someone who really likes Deepika (more specifically on-screen), I was utterly embarrassed...and am sad to say I lost a bit of respect for her after this show aired. I know she was probably thinking about her upcoming item song "Lovely" while the episode was being shot and felt a bit tongue tied...BUT Kangana and Parineeti completely stole her thunder. She may as well have NOT been was a useless appearance. I love you Deepika, but seriously...get your head out of the clouds! From a well-wisher! PLEASE POST THIS PV - it's only constructive criticism!

I completely agree with you 100% ... I too am her fan but she is not the most articulate person ... Some people can be intelligent but cant form sensible sentences so could be that too but I too have rooted for her on other intellect based shows and she has let me down .. PC, Kangana, Vidya, Sonakshi, Ash, and now Pari I think are the few girls in the industry that speak with intelligence as well as have beauty when presented with worldly questions ... but to each its own i guess.

She is sooooooo overexposed. She's running the risk of people getting sick of her. It's also very sad that she acted in a film where the hero repeatedly insulted her in sexist terms (HNY... If that wasn't obvious yet) and NEVER apologized and then a bit after appears in this show! Whole film was one of the most sexist things I've seen. I feel it is more sexist to do something in the guise of being female empowering (Deepika was first in the credits) and then give Deepika a third rate role, than it is for any of Sonakshi Sinha's films except for Lootera where it is blatant. I prefer explicitness to confusing, subliminal, mixed, and utterly problematic messages. Parineeti and Kangna have acted in films where women have strong agentive power (Shuddh Desi Romance, Queen, Revolver Rani). Deepika, not so much. Her opinion in feminism was also very stupid. I think I read on Wikipedia that she said "new feminism is soft, loving, feminine" or something along those lines. Maybe im reading too much into this but feminism is just about being yourself: soft, hard, aggressive, assertive, masculine, feminine, and being accepted but at the very least respected in society. Wish they started choosing people who are spokespersons for female empowerment behind film Stars (except Kangna, she I admire).

OMG Deepika was soooooooo embarrassing to watch... I literally went from someone who loved her to someone who really couldn't care less about her anymore. She's always like this in panel discussions, but this was the last straw....I always gave her the benefit of the doubt. But now it is confirmed....she is dumber than Alia Bhatt FOR SURE. Even Alia would have had something valuable to say here! Deepika completely lacks personality, opinions on issues, etc. She's a kind girl, I know that...but she's not very bright, and gives the most generic, cliched answers in EVERY interview. Honestly, what a boring personality! Yet another case of all beauty, no brains I suppose.

I loved this episode. Especially the end when they were discussing about films. I liked how they did not even spare Aamir in the video clip. It is such a relevant issue yet everyone shoves it under the carpet and prefers to ignore it. How can you talk about respecting women when our 'heroes' earn their living by pinching the waists or stalking their leading ladies in films?

AMAZING EPISODE!!! By the way, who else thought Deepika may as well have stayed at home? She basically came, sat on the couch, said 2 lines, and left. It was absolutely pathetic. Kangana and Parineeti were both worthy guests though...has some stuff of substance to say unlike Deepika. All Deepika could say was "men have misbehaved with me in the past too..." YOU DON'T SAY?!

I've to say I loved this episode. Kudos to Aamir for bringing such topics into conversation. These discussions are very much needed in Indian society...and upbringing has got to do a lot with it..rightly so. Impressed with Parineeti and Kangna for opening up..I've always observed and appreciated how modest Mr Bacchan is(certain King Khan should learn a thing or two)..

Not that I know any of these women personally but it seemed that Kangna and Parineeti faced far more eve-teasing in their lives than probably Deepika did. That's why it was easy for them to share their experiences. Deepika probably was picked up and dropped to school in a car always! :) On a serious note, this is just an example of many situations: Women tend to face more physical harassment if they travel by public transport. If you always travelled by car from when you were born, there is less physical harassment. I remember hiding my chest with my tiffin basket while walking to the bus stop which was a km away from my school. Even in college, I would hide my chest with my books. Purposely not carry one of them in my bag.

I really Love deepika but she still has offscreen a Long Way to be much more open up. I think for a really beautiful girl like her she Must had expierence a Lot more insulting things as a Woman. Its sad that she got an oppurtunity to Open up through examples but chose to be up tight. IT could be also because of her roles cause she had objectivtated roles than kangana and parineeti. But still loved what she said about what she expects from a man. To be loved. And i loved kangana for being so outspoken.

deepika is so stunning, but when you add up her personality and intellect, her attractiveness level goes down. Parineeti and kangana are really pretty girls as well and their personalities make them even more attractive. Parineeti, in my opinion, has a very attractive personality. It's not bad to be a reserved person, but when other people are opening up she should atleast try to as well. was a bit disappointed in her

also, deepika really tries and I can give her credit for that. She is a reserved person and it must be difficult for her. Because she is in the industry that she is in, it is important for her to go out of her comfort zone though

amn't a blind fan, that's why i don't want dp to be a part of shows like that,she'll be out of her element and won't be able to add to these discussions, i mean she is witty,smart and articulate when she's in her element,talking about stuff she can relate to,but she had it easy,no dark tales of struggle to tell,that's why she wasn't and will never impress when she talks about how tough it is for women to make it in this world,yes it's not a woman's world,but this very woman is the exception that proves the rule,she's on top of the world her fans know that and love it,her her haters know that and are burning and jumping at every chance to judge and hate on her,but then again whatever makes them feel better.

It would be great if there was a substantial discussion on this significant episode where several important issues relevant to India's future were raised ..... The rage and aggression which is so commonplace today .. The skewed notions of masculinity... The atrocities that take place in the name of ragging... The fact that we should value the power of love and not love power. Instead several of you are preoccupied criticizing Deepika yet again. By doing this you are proving that women can be their own worst enemies. Please focus on the imoortant issues!

Deepika is more of a reserved and calmer type. All her costar have stated that she speaks very little off screen. This must be the reason of her quietness and her always trying to be a good girl image. But ya I agree she should open up more in debates. But when u have energetic people like pair and kangans it might be hard for a calmer person to dominate a conversation. Even ash gives cliched replies but she is more articulate than dp. Deepika ur knowledge seems so contained possibly becpz u never had to really fight for everything in ur life like the other two girls there. Beauty is one thing, but u should read some good novels or socialise with intelligent people (this May be difficult in Bollywood). Now that u r a top actress in the country people will scrutinise everything u do or say. Or if u feel uncomfortable in a conversation u always have an option of not attending it. U have proved everyone wrong when they complained about ur acting so u can very well prove them wrong if u want to again.

we all know how reserved Deepika is - we have seen it on KWK a few episodes back. The truth is she is a high school drop out and that sums up her IQ and intelligence. But she is shaani 200%, we know that too.

And also, I found it odd that she said "we just want to be loved, we dont care about how much money a man has" that is seriously explained by her dating history.

stop Inspecting each and every word they speak..they all have come for good cause. respect that!

Thank you for doing this Amir

if she was smart she should abandoned ranbir not the opposite...or at least handle the break up with him gracefully...

Umm...why didn't Katrina asked Kapoor boy to back off if she wasn't interested in the first place??? Moreover wasn't she in a committed relationship with Salman that angelic for my taste !!

the only quote-worthy line from Ms Deepika Padukone - "women just want to be loved". She literally added NOTHING to the conversation, except for that dumb cliched line - which by the way is NOT TRUE. I'm a woman, and I'm telling you women don't ONLY need love...first and foremost they need RESPECT. Love without respect = zero. I say this from experience. And a woman will usually look for a partner that provides some sort of stability (and money is a part of that). You cannot generalise that all women only want love Deepika - love sometimes isn't enough unfortunately. And there's nothing wrong with women seeking such qualitites....after all, don't you indian men have 101 requirements? "Fair, slim, tall, lots of dowry/high salary, virgin, etc etc." At least most of us aren't as superficial as men when it comes to choosing a partner. Men usually only go for looks - and that probably explains why someone with such a boring personality like Deepika is so coveted by the opposite gender.

I'm NOT a Deepika hater...I'm actually quite a big fan, especially of her work in Finding Fanny. But just cos I ciriticise her doesn't mean I'm a hater, ok? But...This "Deepika is just reserved" defense is not going to work, sorry! As someone below mentioned, we all saw "reserved" she was on Koffee with Karan with Sonam a few years ago. The truth is, she was intimidated and way out of her depth....having seen a few of her interviews now, I can tell when she's feeling uncomfortable and intimidated by her fellow interviewees - because they are far, far more articulate and eloquent than her. And forget articulate....they've thought about things she's never thought about, they have OPINIONS, and she's just "Bleh" most of the time unfortunately. THAT is why she keeps quiet - it's her defense. She'd rather not say anything, than attempt to join in, say something stupid, and be mocked for that later. Which is a smart move when you think about it, but such people shouldn't regularly attend panel discussions or intellectual conversations in that case! Why constantly put yourself in a position where the audience gets to see you out of your depth!? The reason Deepika does it, is for the heck of it - because she's been invited, she's on top, everyone wants her on their show, and she's going to enjoy the attention and visibility this gives her. But if she continues doing this, it may end up damaging her image...since her pattern of behaviour on these shows is now becoming much more obvious. She should be more selective. I can completely see why she came on Satyamev Jayate though - it's an amazing show, who would refuse that opportunity? But come on! This topic isn't even hard to's EVERYWHERE in India - and she still comes up with NOTHING to say? NOTHING?! This is why I will always love Kangana over Deepika (I like Parineeti, but she gets annoying sometimes)....Kangana is amazing in interviews, and is a far superior actress to Deepika anyway. Her experiences in life, and depth probably add to her performances, and that's why Kangana is amazing! I honestly don't know where Deepika draws her performances from...but give her a Gangster, Fashion, Woh Lamhe, Tanu weds Manu or even Queen - I highly doubt she'd be able to pull of a performance as nuanced and real as Kangana's. Deepika - I do like you, but you need to get more real. It'll help you perform on-screen too!

OMG people...from which angle is Deepika more reserved than Kangana?!!? Kangana is soooo much calmer a person than Deepika, and is FAR FAR more don't see her mingling with the who's who of Bollywood! Kangna is reserved, but the difference is she's not ignorant like Deepika, that's all. She has opinions, and expresses them. Deepika can't say anything, because she doesn't have opinions!!! She doesn't think about larger issues - she's too preoccupied with her stardom and her career, her love life. This girl needs to travel, see the world, experience life a bit. She's become that typical Bollywood Star - completely cut off from the realities of the world, all consumed by films and films only.

It's funny how Aamir was openly flirting with Kangana...and Deepika looked so left out. I think Deepika was surprised that he flirted with Kangana instead of her... :P She just looked confused at that moment. But I can see why Aamir has a soft spot for Kangana - they are so much more intellectually compatible!

Yes they are.. plus Aamir has openly admitted on KWK that he finds Kangana very sexy. Personally, she can be a bit too high headed these days for my liking but that doesn't take away from the fact that she is very intelligent and real and that is truly what makes her sexy.

used to be a deepika fan. NOT ANY MORE. boy was that embarrassing!

Among the main stream Bollywood actresses only few of them actually say it like it is. Kangana, parineeti, vidya and sushmita(to an extent) but people like ashwarya maybe articulate but if you actually pay attention to what she says, her answers are all of the place except to the main point. For discussions like these, deepika should stay away from. This was such an important and wonderful episode and she completely wasted her presence. I was shocked at the level of ignorance she showed. Parineeti even went ahead and said she would want to marry someone who's NOT like her father even though she obviously loves him and gave examples of why. Kangana was brilliant as usual. She's amazing. Deepika was actually just staring trying to keep up with the conversation. And 'we just wanna be loved'?? What a boring answer. She was a big let down. They should've got vidya instead of her.

Amir Khan looks fake

This was such a terrific episode and that's all you can say? Aamir is to be praised for bringing this important topic on a tv discusion platform. Aamir himself is not a typical Indian male--and forget all the usual bashing against his divorce, the Brit journo affair, whatever...the man comes from a family where women have their own voice, so no wonder he is more of a feminist. Good show Aamir and team SMJ.

I found it so strange that deepika had nothing to say about this topic. Wasn't she going all crazy over TOIs recent objectification of her pic?!?! Wtf deepika!

The shooting of this SJ episode took place prior to the TOI twitter incident. Please get your facts straight. Also she has already stated that she expressed everything she wished to express in her open letter. Most of you will grab at any excuse to hate on her.

One of the best shows ever made .Aamir khan and his team are absolutely genius.
Deepika Deepika deepika ...Love u girl but please educate urself with the matters that relate to society .Keep abreast with what is happening around.
I do like what kangana said but her new found english is annoying .parineeti where as has funk and personality .

Why does Miss Padukone keep insisting on going to round tables where she has nothing relevant to add to the debate? It makes her look so out of depth & place, it is NOT funny! First that embarrassing exchange with legendary Actress Catherine Deneuve the Mumbai Film Festival & now this.

Girl, not every platform should be used for self-promotion. It can backfire big time, & it sure did once again. Pls stick to what you do best: looking pretty & inoffensive...

PV post pls

When Michael Jackson passed away, cnn had put up a video in which deepika also spoke.. She said 'I think mj was a and I think ' she couldn't say much. Even a random person from society would speak what a loss it was. Guess she was nervous but she hasn't changed.

Deepika had nothing to contribute coz she was brought up in a sheltered way. Her dad was a well-known personality, dad dropped her to school in a car, she went to a posh Girls school in Bangalore, her mentor in modelling was Prasad Bidapa who looked after her like his own daughter. She then debuted with Upendra in Kannada who shot all her songs and scenes abroad with her family accompanying her on these locales ( that was the importance given to her at the age of 18), she debuted with Farah Khan and SRK....ha well... rest is history. She really has no clue of reality. Her life has been very sheltered and protected.

I agree ! Understand but she is like that about various important subjects. That gets me concerned because she seems ignorant and lacks something. Aishwarya Sushmita really made India proud by showing they r beautiful and brainy.

When it comes to objectification of women in cinema, Deepika saying anything against it wouldn't make sense. Just watch her movies (HNY the most recent example) and you'll know what I mean :)

Deepika may not be a star kid - but she's been brought up like some sheltered princess, that's for sure.

And the real cause gets lost in the melee... Same is true of many things around us right? (hope this gets posted!)

Having said that she is from a sheltered and protected home, one cant blame her for that! Its what all parents aspire to give their children, and in India, parents want to protect their girls from harm by sheltering them. The result may be that a person like Deepika may not have faced harassment and molestation the way Kangana or Parineeti in Ambala did.... but you cant condemn Deepika for that. She almost feels guilty that these things happened with Kang and Pari...and was utterly dismayed. You cannot crucify deepika just because she has nothing "interesting"" to say. She is sensible in every way possible and everybody will vouch for that.

One doesn't need to go through harassment in order to understand it's called "general awareness"!!

Kudos to Kangna for refusing to do item songs unlike others (read Katrina aunty) who merely survives on item no..Kangana is brainy beauty..more power to you girl!!

Deepika been amazing.kudos to her for contributing a lot to da show in few minutes..deepika was sitting like puppet n thinking how I should contribute to da conversation.Doesnt matter how protectively she was brought up but she should have some awareness about da if she has never read anything about da social issues..glad she is a actor cod she just act n dialogues are given to perspective got really changed about kangna after watching da show.

These three are far better than having a panel with Katrina, Sonam and Kareena. Katrina has gotten ahead in her career only thanks to her item numbers, Sonam says things like "A man will respect a woman only if she respects herself" and all her comments are immature and personal attacks against Deepika, Parineeti disguised as opinions, and KAreena....less said the better, her stupid statements and desperation for item numbers are classic. She was desperate for an item song to trump Katrina's and begged salman for the Favicol se, mein hoon tandoori murgi....gosh!!!! So these three are angels of wisdom in comparison.

PV posts about every SMJ episode but never has it garnered so much attention. That is reasonable since we are all film lovers and PV is all about Bollywood. Having said that, I find it astonishing that most of the posts here are debating about Deepika's eloquence or the lack of it. The real issue seems to have been buried under the extensive battle between Deepika fans and haters. Forget about Deepika, what are we all doing with our abundant articulacy, knowledge and experience (assuming many of PV readers are women who face objectification and gender equality in their daily lives)? Why are people NOT talking about how important it is that our film makers, actors, producers take responsibility for their action and acknowledge the vast reach and influence of cinema?

Whatever said and done Amir shouldn't have done the Tharki chokra song in his own movie . it will again please all the road side Romeos and encourage them .

For everyone who says Kangana is articulate and clear-headed and real, some names: Aditya Panscholi, Shekhar Suman's son and Ajay Devgn.

Dear Deepika you can't be perfect always.... It's OK... We would like to see the real Deepika not oh I am such a perfect princess who has never hurt anyone Deepika.... N as far as kangana is concerned she has learnt from her past... She is the most evolved girl in the movie industry... And don't even get me started on nihar pandya Ranbir sid mallaya Dhoni yuvraj ranveer..... N well I don't know who else....

So she's made mistakes. But in this discussion we're not talking about them, are we? It's about how articulate and clear-headed her stances on women are. Stop bringing her past relationships into this, I'm actually sure they helped her become a clear headed person. You learn from mistakes.

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