POLL: B.R. Chopra, Ekta Kapoor or Siddharth Tewary - Whose ‘Mahabharat’ would you vote for?

Adapting one of the greatest epics in the world – Mahabharat – is not mean feat. Yet, we have people like B.R. Chopra and Siddharth Kumar Tewary, who take it upon themselves to bring alive the magic of the remarkable epic on the small screen. The results of that hardwork are for all of us to see as the Mahabharat TV series has a huge fan following across the world.

Time has seen people go crazy watching the old Mahabharat in the 1980s. And now, the new version running on Star Plus is slowly making a place for itself in the hearts of those who have grown up watching the old rendition as well.

Be it the new characters or the costumes or the sets, we are coming to like every bit of Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s new epic saga.

That said we can’t forget to put in a word for Soap Queen Ekta Kapoor’s Kahaani Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki, though it was a disaster because the makers’ take on the epic was too different for the audiences taste.

Anyway, here is a loud call for our readers to vote for the Mahabharat, which they have liked watching the most.

B.R. Chopra’s Mahabharat (1988)


Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Mahabharat (currently running)


Ekta Kapoor’s Kahaani Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki (2008)

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obvio star plus mahabharat

No doubt B.R. Chopra's is the Best

both are best....old is gold and new is luxury,...

Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Mahabharat

tewary s is the best and the best . god shall bless him for his rightful efforts

BR chopra's ..yeh bhi koi puch ne ki baat hai

B.R. Chopra's Mahabharat hands down! If I listen carefully, I can still hear that loud 'Mahaaaabhaaaaarat' in the beginning of the show reverberate in my ears. Good ol' days!

So true....and mai samay hoon too...the new characters look more like body builders yudhistira and arjun doesnt have any charishma at all...

I didn't even know there was this new Mahabharat going on. I miss my Dekh Bhai Dekh and Shrimaan Shrimati days. :-(

Omg! Now if there is one serial that I can never forget, it has to be Dekh Bhai Dekh! Even though I didnt watch the 1993 one coz I wasn't even borned :P but I watched the re runs! Soooo hilarious! I still watch it when I am having a bad mood and keep laughing :P Now this is one Hindi sitcom which is my all time fav. And sadly it had only 60 epis while KSBKBT and all these went for 8 years :|

B R Chopra's mahabharat anyday.....no doubt....

Star plus mahabharat

Star plus

b.r chopra- hands down!!

i have seen br chopra's mahabharat as well...but acting of d cast was not natural except roopa ganguli nd nitish bharadwaj...nd that draupadi was very loud nd bold.....i liked STAR PLUS mahabharat coz of d amazing sets...brilliant acting of every1...especially arjun draupadi nd krishna....they suit there characters very well....music is superb.....br chopra's 1 was gud nd this 1 is 2222gud....ekta kapoor 's mb...no comments!!!! but star plus mahabharat...treat 2 eyes....amazing....!!!

Any day B R Chopra

C mon ......BR chopra's of course

BR chopra...am still watching this one. Too epic. The actors have all act supremely well. No Mahabharat can beat this one.

tewary's mahabharat !!!! the original one from ramesh zippy was great but the new star plus one just connects better with the new audience with better visuals and a clean story and not very difficult hindi words .

B.R. Chopra’s Mahabharat (1988) & Kumar Tewary’s Mahabharat (currently running) - Ekta's one was a joke!

Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Mahabharat is the best. i love it,

I've only seen the original, B.R.Chopra one and remember how popular the show was! The days before cable tv.

B.R.Chopra's - Class, Drama and a Genre in itself. People who have not watched it, and are watching the current new versions, I encourage you to watch Chopra's Mahabharat.
Other two - a soap opera just like any other serial running on TV.

B R CHopra's Mahabharat - classy and entertaining. My 5 year old watches that now.

BR Chopra's definitely!!! His was a genuine effort to bring the story, the divinity and the message of the Mahabharta and Gita to the audience. The new versions are too heavily influenced by the soap operas and saas-bahu sagas, to be taken seriously!

siddharth kumat tewary's...I love it

By & large ,I like the new one , except they have this annoying tendency to change the original story sometimes . Saw the old one on You Tube & it did look a bit dated by modern standards . Everyone has the body beautiful today , the costumes & jewellery r fabulous . The B R Chopra version stood out mainly b'cos of performances by Rupa Ganguly, Puneet Issar , Mukesh Khanna , Nitish Bharadwaj ,Pankaj Dheer & Praveen Kumar in the old one. Ekta Kapoor's version was truly atrocious . She deliberately started off with the 'Draupadi vastra haaran ' episode & their outfits looked straight out of a Greek tragedy !

B.R Chopra for sure!!! I was a kid then and never used to miss any episode.

BR CHOPRA's Mahabharat, without doubt, and without second thought. An absolute no brainer. Perfect choice of actors, screenplay, action, emotions and an understandable story.

Defintely BR Chopra. His version is LEGENDARY, I have the entire series on DVD set and I still watch it occasionally.

BR Chopra's. This comparison doesn't even make sense. BR's Mahabharat characters had life..they r till date known by there screen names. It was the best and way ahead of it's time. I watched it in my childhood and then when I was pregnant..It has so much to learn and know about Bharat culture. Unlike todays soaps which r made for TRP, that one was made from heart

i can't believe that the other mahabharat versions are being compared to the legendary BR Chopra's mahabharat. it's a ridiculous comparision. what's even more shocking is that some people are actually choosing the new mahabharat over br chopra's just because the old one look dated. the whole thing is just laughable.

B R chopra always and forever. Today's shows only insult indian culture and religion.. Making a mockery out our religion. Such a shame and no one fights for this types of shows to stop. Really really sad..

BR Chopra's Mahabharat was The Mahabharat. It's etched in my mind even today. The performances, the story, the feel, the music. Everything screamed sincerity. We learnt the story of pandavas and kauravs for the first time. Every actor seemed like living the character, and the performance were so good that even today when I tell Mahabharat story to my kid, I can only visualize those actors s those characters. It showed how much research was done into making the epic. I felt that I was living in that era when watching it. Today anyone and every one is trying to make it. And with the technology and resources available today, they may be able to make it look chic and all but usually there is no soul to such creations. I do want to comment I haven't seen the latest version. But then I don't even feel the need because comparison will be bound and I am afraid I may be disappointed. I would love to go back and re watch B R Chopra's Mahabharat any day.

You are 100% right on.. Same here..

B.R.Chopra's for sure...


Nothing can be compared with B R Chopra's Mahabharat

B R Chopra... anyday... that is The Mahabharat...

BR Chopra's was good...he selected right people for characters...new actors don't suit to characters...esp actor for Bheem character is a big joke

Agree!! even Yudhistir is always standing and pouting LOL ..Arjun too doesnt have that charishma.. ..Even Karna looks like one side character ...

B.R. Chopra’s Mahabharat (1988) for 110% sure but today's mahabharat i am really sorry but some of the things they are showing is not correct at all. ya i understand it has more better cast, acting, sets, visual effects, sound background but the MAJOR thing is its missing so many impotent things such as two things the production house should have done before touching this epic text and making a joke out of it. Recruited there cast from drama schools or professional actors than handpicking junk from a gymnasium.Second, they should include more dialogues in their episodes which actually convey clear idea of the things happening in the episode. For 4 episodes they showed the stupid swayamwar . I really feel worried how these TV shows for monetary gains are ruining the soul of our ancient epics and puranas . There are so much teachings which modern era people can learn to improvise on their lifestyle . Article Comment In real maha bharata before going to swayamvar Bheema kills Bakasura which is missing , I don't why they removed it.Bheema is very powerful character along with Arjun why they showing Bheema as a joker we would like to see the serial as original without changing the original story. There is complete distortion of facts in Star Plus Mahabharata right from the beginning. This great epic was given to us by great sage veda vyasa. The serial makers have completely twisted the story beyond imagination and this aspect is extremely saddening. There is no proper research done and it is not upto the mark as far as content is concerned. The way Draupadi is being portrayed is really stupid. ANYTIME BR CHOPRA'S MAHABHARATA WAS FAR SUPERIOR IN ITS CONTENT AS LOT OF RESEARCH HAS GONE INTO IT. I lost interest in watching this Mahabharata and stopped watching it.

Absolutely! some of the concepts here seem to be conflicting with the facts i have read in books by renowned authors and those shown in Chopra's production. Example, Arjun meets Subhadra for the first time in prabhasa shetra during his one year of exile (after intruding into Yudhistra-Draupadi's chamber). Arjun meets Lord Krishna for the first time at Draupadi's Swayamvar. There is no reference about Arjun helping Krishna to marry Rukmini. But the recent Mahabharat is puzzling. The above mentioned incidents appear different.

i agree frm yuh completely... i m an ardent fan of br chopra MAHABARATA..!! you have came up vd logical points.. *agreeed*

My Dear friend, I am a die heart fan of BR Chopra's Mahabharat, I have seen the Mahabharat 3 times in television in different channels from 1988 and also I do have purchased the CDs. It was really exceptional from acting point of view.
But still I am saying this new Mahabharat serial is also really good. I understand that there is a natural innertia in all human being that they can not change old perception. I think our mind should not be rigid to accept a fresh air.
I had done a research paper on epic Mahabharat and I know a little bit about Mahabharat. You have mentioned about Bakasur!There are hundreds of stories in Mahabharat which most of the people even don't know, e.g How many people have heard about Sambha, Son of lord Krishna and his life Story?
So, no production house in the world can dare to present each and every story of mahabharat as they have severe time constraint. I would like to mention that this New Series is very well researched and at the same time it seems each and every actor is giving their 100%. And most importantly they may have curtailed some stories but what ever they have presented till date is absolutely correct.

B.R.Chopra's ofcourse…it was epic

Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Mahabharat (currently running)

B.R Chopra's was a classic, no competition at all.

Star Plus mahabharat

Star Plus one

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