Navratri Special: Ssharad Malhotra, Divyanka Tripathi, Mrunal Jain & other celebs share their plans!

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The TV actors look forward to the Holy Nine Nights of Navratras as much as we do. Here’s sharing what some of them have to say about their Navratri celebrations.

Sneha Wagh Navratri is indeed special for us. My mom establishes Durga’s altar at home. I never fast. But I keep a check on what I eat. I wish I get time off to play Garba. I would plan to go to Kora Kendra Garba which is one of the popular Garba. If I play Garba I will buy a new set of chaniya choli for myself and my sister.

Mrunal Jain I am a Marwari but have lot of Gujarati friends. I used to dance at Garba and enjoy it to the hilt. It’s great fun to let your hair down. I wear special Garba dress and go with friends for Dandiya.

Tina Dutta Durga Puja is the time when I spend a lot of time with my friends and family. This year too I am planning to go to Kolkata. During Durga Puja Kolkata is the best place to visit. I am looking forward for some Pandal hopping and eating bhog (prasad) at the pandal. Also, I will attend the Sandhi Puja during Durga Ashtami.

Roopal Tyagi Navratri is special because it’s a long and fun filled festival. We pray and have fun at the same time. I just do a small pooja at home. I don't believe in fasting and I am not going for Dandiya appearance as I am shooting 13-14 hours almost every day. But if by God’s grace I get time, I shall go for Dandiya for couple of days for sure. I have already bought a beautiful lehenga from my designer friend. It’s perfect for Garba.

Himmanshoo Ashok Malhotra Navratri as a festival brings great amount of joy and celebrations . It’s an amazing festive season of yummy food and dance especially in Mumbai and Gujrat where everyone gathers for Dandiya and Garba celebrations. Unfortunately, this year I am not here in Mumbai as I am shooting in Delhi. As far as fasting is concerned I don't fast but my mom does on all nine days. The only restriction is not to eat non-vegetarian food during Navratri and we abide by what mom says.

Neha Kakkar Navratri for me is all about music and dance. It is a way of expressing our love, respect and reverence for the Goddess Durga. Well, I try and visit the famous spots in Mumbai for Garba and Navratri with my friends if I am in town. I don't particularly follow any rituals but yes we do a little Pooja at home on Durga Ashtami. I do believe that it’s a season to celebrate the devotees love for Durga and seek Her blessings. This year, I am performing throughout the nine days in various cities. But of course I will dress up as per the occasion in Indian wear with some nice jewelry. I will wear a nice ethnic dress which I will design myself and make it a personal statement.

Ajay Chaudhary We believe in Vaishno Mata very much and celebrate it with great excitement. We all fast, do pooja and visit temples. This festival brings a lot of positivity and a divine feeling for me. We plan to visit the Pandals in Juhu and play Dandiya. Frankly, I can’t fast but I shall try fasting on the first and last day of Navratri. As usual, I will not eat non-vegetarian and I don’t have drinking or smoking habit, so these are the few things that I follow. Our Ahmedabad Express team is planning to perform Garba in Gujarat and mostly in Mumbai too.

Vivek Mishra Every morning and evening we pray and every morning we read Durga Chalisa. On the 8th day i.e. Durga Ashtami, we feed the little girls as the 9 Goddesses, wash and offer them gifts. This year I have just moved into a new house so I will keep a special pooja in my hose for the positive vibrations. There was a time when I used to smoke. But now I have quit smoking. Also, onion and garlic are total no no for me.

Nalini Negi This time, I will decorate my temple and home. I have never observe a fast but I will try to keeping it this time if I will not be shooting. This year, I want to see how Mumbai people celebrate this festival as a lot of Gujju people stay here and we know how nicely Navratri are celebrated in Gujrat.

Sahil Phull Since I’m in Mumbai from the past seven years, some of my friends are Gujarati and we go for Dandiya although I don’t know how to play Dandiya well. Also, I shall visit different Pandals and hang around with my Gujarati friends. I might fast on the first and the last day. I don’t eat non- vegetarian food not even eggs during this time.

Ssharad Malhotraa I believe, During Navratri we have invoke the energy acted through God in the form of a universal mother and commonly we can refer to it as Durga which means removal of all miseries of life. So Durga is also referred as Devi (Goddess) or Shakti (Power). I belong from Kolkata, where Durga Pooja is the biggest and most important festival celebrated. I remember going out with family and friends to visit Pandals which are so gorgeous there and we used to take blessings from different idols of Maa Durga. I am hoping this year too I visit all the Pandals and wear traditional attire. Since, I have shifted to Bombay now, me and my friends visit pandals after shooting and watch different idols. Well, the best part is the Bhog which we get after the prayers which is really mouthwatering!

Divyanka Tripathi It’s a festival when I rejoice and celebrate. I go for pandal visits if I have the time. I love to dance. I like the atmosphere of the festival. It makes me feel very positive. The whole atmosphere is very vibrant.

Arjun Bijlani Like every year even this year I will follow rules of not having non-vegetarian food and visit temple with my family. I will be celebrating Navratri with my family. Before Navratri we clean our house and change everything from bed sheets to curtain and also pray for nine days.

Krishna Bisth I remember my childhood days when I and my friends used to bunk school and visit Divine Mother’s temple and have bhandara (divine offering for devotees) food. Now, I am in Mumbai, so I don't do anything but I observe fast on the first and last day of Navratri. This time, I will be visiting Maha Laksmi temple with my friends. I won’t be performing Dandiya but I will be going with friends to play Garba and have fun. I will shop for new clothes too.

Aniruddh Dave Navratri's nine days are like full of fun for me because I love dancing to Garba and Dandiya. And we actors go for events also where I enjoy the great vibrant atmosphere over there full of energy, colorful dress with add on of worship with fun and frolic. I don't fast. This year I will be traveling to Surat and Ahmedabad with my Ahmedabad Express team.

Shraddha Musale Navratri is very special for me always. As am from Ahmedabad, I have always enjoyed this festival to the fullest. We all kids used to make mud temples in our building, decorate it, offer prayers and then perform Garba till late night. This year I have been invited to Goa by the state government for Dandiya night.

Rishina Kandhari I don't keep fasts but we follow strict vegetarian diet on these nine days and also drink wheat grass water as we grow wheat in nine different pots for the Devi (my mom does ). The wheat has health benefits. My work does not permit me to have much fun outside set.

Ankit Gera The nine days of Navratri is really very special for me. I do cleaning at my place. I don't fast for entire nine days but on the second and last day I try to keep fast. I decorate my house temple with flowers and diya. I make it point that the diya be lighted whole night for nine days. We generally don't cut hair and do shaving for nine days but due to my profession I have to be up to date. This year navratri I am planning to visit Maha Lakshmi temple at least once and also I be will visiting pandals for the darshan. I will not eat non veg for nine days. No I won’t preforming Garba this as I will be busy shooting. Whatever I want to buy I
wait for navratri festival and I try to buy that thing in those nine days.

Avinesh Rekhi I don't fast but I avoid eating non-vegetarian food. This Navratri I am planning to visit a few pandals with wife and kid to take Mother’s blessings.

Shivin Narang I am Punjabi boy and I cherish childhood memories of celebrating Navratri with family. I don't fast but my parents do fast for nine days. I used to keep fast when I was Delhi, but now I am in Mumbai so it’s very difficult to fast. But I make it point that I fast on the first and the last day of Navratri. I clean my house and decorate with beautiful flowers and diya

Gunjan Utreja Festivals are a great occasion to meet each other and savour great food. While, I was in college, I used to observe fast during Navratri and on the last day I would do the puja. But now because of my hectic schedule I am not able to do that anymore. This Navratri will be special as I am shooting in Ahmedabad. I am super excited as I have now formally learnt the art of playing Dandiya.

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