Bigg Boss 8: Dapper Salman in diwali mood grills contestants for not supporting Sonali!

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In today's 'Weekend Ka Vaar', Salman in diwali mood welcomes everybody in his charming style.

Salman talks about internet quizzes and mentions about one such quiz
titled which is 'Which Khan are you?'. He asks various questions and one of
them is about ‘which one is the favourite on screen couple’.
The choices he gives are SRK-Kajol, Salman-Sonakshi and Aamir-Gracy. Salman
tries the famous SRK arm pose and then says, he is a fan of SRK. And he
finally takes his name and then he asks who are the other two. Finally he
gets the answer ‘You are Shah Rukh Khan'. Well, he was in his funny mood
before the atmosphere turned serious while discussing Sonali episode.

Preetam teaches Karishma to make 'gajar ka halwa' in a radio chat show
format. Ali, Upen, Soni, Gautam and Arya who are present there, enjoy their

Salman meets contestants and all look decked up for diwali. Soon
Salman asks nominated housemates about who do they want to see in the
'danger asaan'. Most of the members nominate Natasa citing her minimum
visibility. Natasa however, nominates Preetam who finally sits
on the danger asaan.

Salman calls Minissha a biologist and asks her to explain how insects jump
in the swimming pool to drink water. Her explanation sounds hilarious. The
topic soon changes to Sonali and Diandra incident. Salman questions Arya
and Gautam for not supporting Sonali. Everybody gives their own explanation
for and against Sonali.

Salman then shows a video of Diandra and Sonali. Diandra apologises to
Sonali for the aggression during this week's task and Sonali accepts
the apology and offers her remorse but then comes back and
says that she didn't like the way that Diandra and all were laughing at her
while she was crying. Diandra says that it was a part of the
task and their strategy. Sonali walks off.

Diandra then tells Karishma, Upen and Puneet about it. Karishma asks Sonali
why she didn't apologise to her for throwing water on her and Sonali says
that she had asked her before throwing. Diandra tells Puneet that she
apologised because he asked her to and didn't appreciate Sonali’s behaviour
and response.

Salman goes on grilling all the members and Karishma again has to bear
all the brunt as the ‘snapdeal’ customer gives her a 'danda' asking her to
give to the members to use it on her for her weak playing strategy.

Salman then saves Diandra, Soni, Preetam. He also presents a new Bigg
Boss for one day.

Who is the new Bigg Boss. What tasks will contestants have to perform
on the wish of the new Bigg Boss. To know more, keep reading our


Poor Karishma. Feel bad for her.

Um ...i hopethis is sarcasM.

Karishma said that she didnt hear Sonali say sorry, she must have kept her ears shut because I could hear it clearly on TV, When sonali put water on Karishma she immediately said sorry. and plus when she did it, it was so much fun. but originally when Karishma put water it felt like she had so much khunnas inside.

Salman rocks

Y do I love Salman khan so damn much...
Love him for pointing diandra, manisha n karishma's antics...
pritam was hilarious in that clip bout gajar ka halwa...
manisha ki to sahe band bajai, love it...

I absolutely detest Diandra .Starting from the way she talks .She just oozes bossy and I am better than you vibe .You cld clearly see that Salman was miffed by her non sensical talk .plus karishma saying she cried after 3 hrs and calling it an act .

What does Bullying look like in real life ? Here you go .Diandra ( the head of the group) and the followers minisha, karishma ,arya ,upen and tht girl with nose job ( Soni or sth ) bullying Sonali laughing at her for crying . What beautiful soul looks like? Praneet and Pritam .(Love these guys.Hope one of them wins). And then there is salman . if salman loves these guys then there career is set . I want salman to support these kind of guys not tht Armaan . But in all of this there is hope. IF there are people like DIandra ( sadist lazy ass) then there are pritam and praneet.

Loved Preetam short clip and and the "yeh sab aurateyh" reply, upen and aryan have some shame. Manisha over smartness isn't going to make her any friends, but i guess she not looking for any, its all me me me with her. I'm as confused with diandra as salman is and her style is trashy to say the least and whats with the daily hair colour change. Her bully attitude stinks, someone needs to put her in her place. She got off lighlty by salman.

Yeh i was really hoping Salman will give Dayandra a good bashing for her pathetic attitude but she ended up being let off lightly.

Salman hosted it very well today. He shut Diandra, Karishma, Minisha, Arya and Upen up. I was happy with the snap deal caller too. One thing, Salman forgot to mention was about Puneet ji who teaches them how to do task but does not do anything for his team. Big boss should either make Puneet ji umpire who decides who won the task or ask him to be a part of the task. Anybody having him in his/her team loses every time.

You know..i actually gave the benefit of doubt to Diandra as she was saying sorry. But she went back to karishma n twisted everything, diyan hi hai yaar yeh ladki. Sonali is the best, no drama no nakhrey, no gossip. Shes the type of girl id marry for sure. Also i love pritam, hes nice, kind n funny as hell!

i hope diandra karishma or minisha... one of them gets evicted today...

pritam praneet these are the only guys who deserve to win...
upen patel is sumdi me gumdi... he wants to win by being neutral.. he won't show his colors till the end..
minisha is another tanisha mukherjee...

Di andar and karishma r real evil:(:( so I is nasty:(:(

I hope karishma is the one goes out.. Hats off to Salman Khan, he's amazing. Preetam and Praneet are the real people in here with humanity. Sonali is sucha nice girl but there's no value being nice in that house when the evil minded people such as Karishma, Diandra and Minisha are always plotting along with Upen and Arya. Shame on them. Puneet ji toh bohut achey honi ki natak karte hai, sab ke samne good image rakhna chateh whereas he's only a two-faced person. Jai ho Big Boss ki I just hope that either Preetam or Praneet wins.

Pritam is my absolute favourite!!!!! I wish I could vote for him and Praneet. But I'm not very familiar with the voting techniques online. I love you Pritam!!!! You are awesome and the life of the show.

Karishma is as worse as Gauhar...

Omg, today Minisha did not even say goodbye to Shargoon when she was leaving and everyone was like "Byeee". That lady is very cunning. And Puneet ji being smart took Minisha's name when asked who will not meet him after the show. He always pokes on the person who is picked upon by Salman and guests.

Diandra, Karishma, Soni & Minisha are extremely evil & prejudiced. High time they are taught a lesson.

Yes ur right

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