Mahabharat's Shaheer Sheikh, Aham Sharma & Rohit Bhardwaj woo their fans in Indonesia! (View Pics)

Shaheer Sheikh,Aham Sharma,Vin Rana,Rohit Bhardwaj,Lavanya Bhardwaj,Arpit Ranka,Mahabharat Indonesia
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Recently, the cast of Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s magnum opus, ‘Mahabharat’, landed in Jakarta, Indonesia, to enthrall its fans and followers who turned up in huge numbers to catch a glimpse of their TV heroes.

Rohit Bhardwaj (Yudhistir), Shaheer Sheikh (Arjun), Aham Sharma (Karna), Saurav Gurjar (Bheem), Vin Rana (Nakul), Lavanya Bhardwaj (Sahdev) and Arpit Ranka (Duryodhan) were overwhelmed at the response they received from the Indonesian denizens.

But only if Praneet Bhatt aka Shakuni, who is now playing the game of Bigg Boss, could have joined them?


I am sad to know mamashree shakuni not come to Indonesia. I am one of his fans. love and peace from Bali

All hero my best

I am sad Shahir Shaikh not come in pakistan all fans of u

Aham Sharma u look sooooo hot... I really really really wanna meet you.. Plz do come to Bangalore.. There are thousands of fans waiting to meet u.. Plz do come.-A Crazy Fan of Aham Sharma

shaheer sheikh you look awesome and fabulous.......really wanna meet you

Both did fantastic justification to the characters they played.. what a team..!

All the actors did so well who portrayed the characters of Pandava brothers, shakuni, Duryodhan, Dushasan, and of course Krishna and Draupathi besides Kunti, Vrushali, Gandhari, Dridhrashtra, vidhur, Karna, Ashwathama, Beeshma, Drona and the endless names of characters. Mahabharatha with an interesting story line, got the full power with the best acting of these wonderful actors, sometimes,after watching some episodes, I had to literally google search some normal pictures of these actors to realize that they are actors and its all just a show and not really happening in this time point. So everyone in this whole group of actors, regardless of their character they played deserve an award for best performance.

I am big fan of pooja sharma. I l u so much.

hi aham sharma tum shahir shaikh se million jada better acting karte ho. ye mai ni hm sab kah rhe hai tusi great ho tm india k shaan ho i love u so much and shahir i hate u so much


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