Cloud Skin: K beauty trend that gives you the best of both the skincare and makeup worlds

The heavenly treat for your skin. Many thanks to K-beauty for introducing us to what magic the ‘cloud skin’ can create for us with zero hassle.

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 Cloud Skin: K beauty trend that gives you the best of both the skincare and makeup worlds
Cloud Skin: K beauty trend that gives you the best of both the skincare and makeup worlds

With each passing day, the K-beauty world continues to do what it does best. From glass skin to dolphin skin and mirror skin, these beauty hacks launched by Koreans have received major fanfare across the globe. There’s another trend that will soon hit the meteoric rise which is an amalgamation of skincare and makeup that gave rise to ‘cloud skin’. The prime rule for achieving this is to give the highlighter a backseat and create a soft and illuminated look. 

The word ‘glow’ remains a favourite in K-beauty trends. Everything revolves around getting the glow game right. While genetics are always at play behind one’s skin, a little help from a stringent skincare routine and makeup products can take the glow to new heights. Cloud skin was pioneered by a makeup artist, Dominic Skinner, who emphasizes creating a look that involves creating a canvas by blending matte and glowy textures. 

This beauty look hits differently because we were so engrossed by creating either matte, glossy, or dewy skin. An interplay can create the illusion of a cloud for which a powder and foundation are key. Cloud skin lends more towards the soft and fluffy base rather than the super-shine face. The blurry effect can effortlessly make your skin look smooth and heavenly with minimal products. 

Let’s get close to perfecting cloud skin one step at a time by keeping it light for your skin. Follow these six simple steps :


1. Ensure that your makeup brushes are free of dirt by using DIY or store-bought cleansers. 

2. Keep your hands and skin clean before starting with the skin prep. 

3. Optional, but a good choice: Pick a facial oil that suits your skin type the best and pat it with your fingertips. Do not apply excess quantity and give it some time for your skin to soak up the oil before you start with makeup. 

4. Take a luminous foundation and use a beauty blender to dab it on your face and neck. 

5. Here’s the main trick: Grab a setting powder to dab excess oil in your skin and blot towards your hairline, your nose, chin, jawline, and inner corners of your eye. This creates a look that is equal parts matte and glowy. This is what the look boils down to create the cloud skin. 

6. For extra hazy effect: Nab a concealer that suits your skin tone and use the beauty blender to dot in on the areas you’ve used your setting powder and seal it again with a little setting powder. 


Which is your favourite K-beauty trend? Let us know in the comments below.

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