THIS easy DIY perfume using only Coconut oil makes for the perfect gift

Get crafty and creative to make your own perfume at home that will leave others spellbound with just a whiff.

Updated on Aug 20, 2020  |  08:00 PM IST |  1.8M
THIS easy DIY perfume using only Coconut oil makes for the perfect gift
THIS easy DIY perfume using only Coconut oil makes for the perfect gift

Every lady has her own signature scent. Perfumes react differently on different bodies to leave different scents on. While they do make one smell divine, they come with their own drawbacks such as chemicals, preservatives, etc. Whipping up your own scent at home makes for an au-natural product and an excellent gifting item. Check out these DIY perfume ideas that will make your scent unique. 

You will need: 
A glass bottle 
A perfume/roll-on bottle
Coconut oil (2 spoons)
3 Essential oil of your choice (Vanilla, lavender, jojoba,etc.)
3 spoons of mineral water
6 spoons vodka 
A funnel
Coffee filter 

Clean the bottle well and ensure it is dry. 
Pour the coconut oil into the bottle. 
Using a dropper, add 15 drops of the first essential oil to this. 
Then add 10 drops of the next oil, for the top note, followed by 5 drops of the third oil for the base note. 

Add the vodka to this concoction. 
Close the bottle tight and let it sit for not less than 48 hours in a dark spot. The longer you let this mixture sit, the stronger the scent is bound to be. You can leave the perfume to set for up to two months if you wish. 
Once you are satisfied with the duration and the scent, open the bottle and add the water into it. Shake well so the water mixes well with the oils and there is no separation. 
To use your perfume, it is best to transfer it to the perfume or roll on bottle of your choice. 

Voila! Your DIY perfume is ready.

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