Makeup Decode: 3 super easy and subtle looks for at home festive celebrations

Are you a fan of simple makeup? Here's an edit that's worth emulating this festive season.

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Makeup Decode: 3 super easy and subtle looks for at home festive celebrations
Makeup Decode: 3 super easy and subtle looks for at home festive celebrations

Festivities often bring with them a merry mood. The one that teaches you to unwind from the daily chaos and urges you to glam up. With two festivals here, what more could one ask for than some makeup looks to cop. If you're not all for bold makeup, you can end your quest for soft and easy to create looks right here. Get those brushes out, already!

Look 1 

Kareena Kapoor Khan 

1. Prep your skin by cleansing, toning, and moisturising. 

2. Conceal under eyes and blemishes if you’d like. 

3. Pick out a beauty blender that’s soaked up some water and dab a matte foundation on your skin. 

4. Swipe on a glittery hush to set the base for the eye makeup. 

5. Grab black kohl or a pencil to draw your eyeliner on the upper lash line. Do not touch the inner corners of your eyes. 

6. Opt for a metallic gold eyeshadow and use a thin brush to colour it on your eyeliner. This will help amplify your eyes. Refrain from smudging it out too much. 

7. Use the same eyeshadow and follow the same procedure of applying the product on your lower lashline. 

8. Choose a subtle gold eyeshadow to enhance the inner corners of your eyes. 

9. Curl your lashes using mascara. 

10. Groom your eyebrows and fill in your eyebrows with a pencil. 


11. Highlight your cheekbones and go for a soft brown or pink blush to sweep it over the apple of your cheeks. And, apply some on your chin. 

12. Scrub your lips, exfoliate away dead skin. Use nude lipstick and add some gloss. 

13. Lock the makeup with setting powder/spray. 

Note: Since you’re not going all-out with your makeup, contouring can be skipped. 

Alia Bhatt 

1. Follow CTM. Get rid of blackheads. 

2. Use a concealer. This step best works with a brush. 

3. To create a more natural look, take a little quantity from a matte foundation infused with SPF and apply it to your face and neck. 

4. Once you’ve blended it well, pick up black kohl and draw a thin eyeliner on your upper lash line starting from the inner corners of your eyes and end it at the tip. Follow the same on your lower waterline. 

5. Apply hush and swipe on a peach eyeshadow. Colour your lower lash line with the same. 


6. Voluminise your lashes with black mascara. 

7. Brush your brows with a spoolie and fill in the gaps with black eyebrow powder. 

8. You can create a flushed look with a pink blush. Dust it over the apple of your cheeks using a fluffy brush. 

9. Glide a soft pink lipstick and add little some gloss. 

10. Seal your glam with setting powder/spray. 

Deepika Padukone 

1. Keep your skin squeaky clean by working a CTM routine. 

2. Dot concealer on the under-eye area and blemishes. 

3. Use a beauty blender to dab some matte foundation on your skin.

4. Get a spoolie to groom your eyebrows and cover some gaps using a brown pencil or eyebrow powder. 

5. Swipe hush to let your eyeshadow stay put and follow it up with a brown eyeshadow. 

6. Use the same procedure on your lower lashline. While this can be done with your fingertips, using a brush will ensure the pigment is placed evenly. 


7. With black kohl outline your upper lash line and smudge it with a brush. Let the lower waterline stay natural, so do not apply the product. 

8. Grab a black eyeshadow powder and run it on your eyeliner. For the lover of black smokey eyes, this look might interest you. 

9. Let your cheeks own the glam show with a blend of pink blush and highlighter. 

10. Hydrate your lips and use a brown lip liner to create an outline. 

11. A peach eyeshadow can help wrap the look. You can also go for a brown shade. 

12. With setting powder or spray, your makeup can be signed off. 

Whose look are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below. 

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