Video Production Head

Job description

  • Oversee the entire Video Production for Pinkvilla. This will include but not be limited to short form video content, celebrity content, branded content and more.
  • Spearhead the video team to drive engagement across YouTube, Facebook and other video  platforms.
  • Understand the company's goals and come up with a executable video strategy that alligns with the same. 
  • Get the strategy executed while working closely with internal teams. Be involved and take care of all aspects of video production, starting from planning, to shoots, to go live, to post promotions.
  • Deep dive into analytics and take data based decisions on video production.
  • Manage schedules, reports, and databases pertaining to videos.
  • Ensure we are levereging all digital platforms and keep adding upcoming platforms with potetial growth in mind. 
  • Ensure we are following the best practises of each platform and growth hack our way up.
  • Manage deliveries of digital syndication, branded content, pitches and more.

Required Skills

  • Excellent knowledge of the online video space and content
  • Understanding of actionable video performance metrics
  • Team work and management 
  • Leadership
  • Excellent command over spoken and written English
  • Innovative & Creative Mindset
  • Time Management Skill