Guess who

Guess Who: This actress' boyfriend travels with her for her outdoor shoot to spend more time together
Guess Who: This good looking actor's model girlfriend wants to get married but he doesn't want to commit
Guess Who: This top, insecure actress is stalking her casanova ex boyfriend and he has no clue
Guess Who: Two star daughters of this South megastar are at loggerheads
Guess Who: This one film old actor's pandit decides what colour clothes he should wear in a film
Guess Who: This Gen Y star wanted to replace a veteran actor and play both son & father in a remake
Guess Who: This filmmaker jeopardised a director's project by convincing an actor to quit his project?
Guess Who: This superstar one upped another top Bollywood actor fearing a clash of release dates?
Guess Who: BLOCKBUSTER filmmaker’s multi-starrer remake SHELVED as no top hero wants to play main lead
Guess Who: This actress girlfriend threatened her actor boyfriend's family after the hero wanted to break up
GUESS WHO: Actress of a HIT film opts out of a project opposite a star due to her boyfriend’s rivalry with him
Guess Who: This star asked the producer of his next to replace another Gen Y actor with a newcomer
GUESS WHO: This actress is unaware that her newly hired publicists are slowly damaging her relation with press
GUESS WHO: THIS actor of a remake is in two minds about his next with a director whose recent film bombed
GUESS WHO: This TOP actress gave her actor husband taste of his own medicine by flirting with a handsome star
Guess Who: These two superstars couldn't get enough of each other at a party?
EXCLUSIVE Guess Who: This veteran actor's nephew suspended for passing lewd comments on his ex-wife's daughter
Guess Who: This Gen-Y star is cheating on his actress girlfriend with his cousin's socialite BFF
Guess Who: This leading A list actor's lewd messages to an actress might be out in the media soon
Guess Who: Has THIS superstar given a thumbs up to an '80s film remake?
GUESS WHO: Did this director of a FLOP comedy film have a tiff with the producer after he refused to pay dues?
GUESS WHO: THIS filmmaker’s infatuation for an actress he launched has made him a laughing stock in his unit
Guess who? THIS TV actress gets engaged in a secret ceremony; Fiance unaware of her shenanigans in India
GUESS WHO: Two big names from Bollywood troll another film before its release
Guess Who: This Gen Y actor lost out on a plump project because of his actress girlfriend
Guess Who: Senior star wife flaunts designer ACCESSORIES and OUTFITS which are cheap first copies!
GUESS WHO: THIS actor was going to host a recently held award function but dropped out at the last minute
Guess Who: This actress is trying to woo a superstar, producer, and director to BAG this role
The Super Star Couple is having BIG FIGHTS over his EX GIRLFRIEND and her movie casting
Guess Who: THIS young actor ditched an event organiser last minute to be with his ladylove
Guess Who: Star wife & a mother of two could be expecting a third child with actor husband
This superstar's BODY DOUBLE shoots for almost 70 per cent of all the scenes in his blockbuster movies!
Guess Who: This newbie actress is scared of her male co star’s roaming hands and impromptu hugs
Guess Who: The real reason why a top filmmaker refused to direct a super star and his best friend’s sequel
Guess Who: THIS handsome SUPERSTAR is playing MIND GAMES with his younger co star who is oblivious
A Me Too director is taking creative calls on a remake starring a dashing superstar
Guess Who: Superstar threatens to WALKOUT of a big budget movie if the filmmaker didn’t use his buddy’s work
Guess Who: THIS actress' marriage is on the rocks and property battle has ensued between her mother & husband
Guess Who: Parivaar mein daraar? Superstar refuses to give dates for family’s action drama remake
Guess Who: This newbie and her arrogant mother hurl choicest abuses at their own staff and team when upset

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement