TXT DROPS their third mini album titled Blue Hour; Fans go WILD with praise in the comments section; Watch

Big Hit Entertainment’s prodigal group TXT recently dropped their third mini-album minisode1: Blue Hour and fans went wild with their comments, praising the songs and the group.
TXT DROPS their third mini album titled Blue Hour; Fans go WILD with praise in the comments section; Watch
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South Korean band TXT’s third mini-album minisode1: Blue Hour and the music video for title track Blue Hour just released!  The song features an energetic dance track of the disco genre, Blue Hour is co-composed and co-written by Slow Rabbit, Kyler Niko, LIL 27 CLUB, and Hitman bang (Bang Si Hyuk). In the song, fans are especially appreciating the catchy synths, rhythmical guitar and bass sound combined with the bright melody which creates an enjoyable track.


The lyrics express the boys’ complex emotions of awe and fear as they look up at the sky at 5:53 p.m, which is the time at which the sun sets in October, the month the song is released. It is also the time at which the sky is most beautiful, and also the time when shadows quickly grow dark.


Watch the music video below:


Many fans also left comment supporting the group, saying: “this song is a bop.....txt music never disappoint us..like they give us a great feeling after listening to their music..4th generation leaders indeed..” One even wrote: “OH MY GOSH, THIS IS THE BEST SONG I’VE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE. WHY ARE THEy sO beautifUl?! Dis is now the song j play on repeat really loud in my room, Nap of a star just goT an aWeomE friEnd!!”


In case you missed it, during an interview with Variety in June when TXT was asked if what Bang PD said was true in terms of the pressure, Taehyun from the group honestly shared, "It’s true that there is pressure but I believe in myself and believe in our group members. So, I think we’re able to overcome these pressures." Earlier, during their online showcase for The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY, TXT revealed the advice that they had gotten from J-Hope. "BTS has always supported us, but this time, J-Hope gave us the advice to show our everything and not be intimidated under any circumstances," they had disclosed, via Soompi.


When Variety quizzed them on what they have done to follow BTS' sound words of wisdom, Beomgyu confessed that the members always keep in mind to try their best as BTS told them to show everything they can on stage. On the other hand, Yeonjun added that when they went to the US for their showcase in 2019, BTS confessed to them that when they first started out, the septet tried to bring overflowing energy to each performance. "I think we took that to heart and really tried to put on powerful performances," the 20-year-old singer added.


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