2021 Grammys fail to recognise BTS once AGAIN; Suga says lets work harder and ARMY trend #Scammys in response

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2021 Grammys fail to recognise BTS once AGAIN; Suga says lets work harder and ARMY trend #Scammys in response

The cat is out of the bag; the Recording Academy has, once again, snubbed the world's biggest musical act, BTS at the Grammys. Nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, BTS unfortunately, did not win the Grammy Award. The winners in this category were Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga for Rain On Me. The members took to Weverse to express their feelings and where J-Hope adorably said "I Love You" to ARMY, Suga said, "Let's work harder this year" instead, which was quick to break the hearts of millions of fans who were rooting for the mega-group. On the other hand, RM said, "Please don’t forget that whether we get the Grammy or not, we already got what we wanted & we got you, so that means we got everything.

Like the protective fandom they are, ARMYs did not lose a second to trend #SetTheNighAlightBTS and #BTSOurGreatestPrize in response to the Grammy snub, creating a safe space of appreciation for BTS and ARMY alike. As a matter of fact, BTS did not lose the Grammy, the Grammy lost BTS and ARMYs too, as was made clear by the hashtag #Scammys. It is especially disconcerting, considering the enormous amount of advertisement that was carried out in BTS' name. This has once again proved that commercial politics dominate any and all decisions at this scale and that the West is still not completely ready or willing for that matter for the reversal of globalization. It was bad enough that The Recording Academy waited for a completely English language song from BTS to even nominate them in a major musical category but BTS losing was a whole another blow. However, it is undeniable that BTS made history even before they were Grammy nominees and they'll continue making history with their every step. While the Grammys might be an important milestone, owing to their legacy, the Grammys have lost relevance over the years and continue to do so. Whereas, following the announcement of the results, BTS' Dynamite re-entered all musical charts, topping them at the same time, showing the global impact the group has and will have.

Although it is upsetting, sincere congratulations are due to the winners, Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga for 'Rain On Me'. 

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Anonymous : BTS deserved to win because they broke soooo many records all over the world, way more than the other nominees. So expectations were high. But since Scammy's decided otherwise, now BTS will be exploding 2021 with even better music and ARMY will be here to support them. BTS has a worldwide Army and we will conquer the world for them.
REPLY 0 4 months ago
Anonymous : Grammy's definitely lost BTS and ARMYS
REPLY 0 4 months ago
Anonymous : Thank you for the title.
REPLY 3 4 months ago
Anonymous : this is embarrasing..bts was the best, what is wrong with this world
REPLY 6 4 months ago
Anonymous : SCAMMYS!!! I am so upset and disappointed in the Grammys!!! BTS deserved this award more than anyone!!! It is so sad that they used BTS for views!!! UGH!!! It's disgusting!!! BTS deserves better!!! Army, FIGHTING FOR NEXT YEAR!!! <3
REPLY 10 4 months ago
Anonymous : Bts deserved the win. Their performànce far out did the other acts. 2021 Grammys look out. Bts is coming. I cannot wait for their new music.
REPLY 15 4 months ago
Anonymous : They earned it and they deserved it. Im deeply disappointed in the Grammy's for exploiting BTS to bolster their viewership of the awards show. It's no secret that the Grammy's do not reward true excellence. I'm just sorry that BTS was treated in such a pathetic manner.
REPLY 15 4 months ago
Anonymous : Scammy
REPLY 12 4 months ago