The 2021 chart for 100 most googled idols in the world is out now; See if your favourite idol made it here

Updated on Jun 29, 2021 12:14 PM IST  |  519.4K
BTS Jungkook is the most searched K-Pop Idol in the world

K-Pop has been gaining worldwide popularity since the past few years which has gotten more and more people inquisitive about its artists. Google trends has kept a count of how many times different artists and celebrities have been searched by people and have released the data for the same. The twitter account Kpop Idols Chart created a table of the 100 most worldwide searched K-Pop idols on google from the time period of January 1 to June 28 of 2021. This mid-year chart features several K-pop groups and soloists.

BTS members Jungkook, V, Jimin and Suga take the first four spots respectively while Jin is at number 8 followed by RM at 11 and J-Hope at 13. Blackpink’s three members take up spots in the top 10. Lisa and Jennie are at 5 and 6 while Rosé is at the tenth position and Jisoo at 12. The only soloist in the top 10 is none other than IU who is also called the ‘Nation’s Little Sister’. Astro’s Cha Eunwoo fills the ninth position on the list. G-Dragon is the only member of Bigbang to be in the list at 14th rank. Stray Kids Hyunjin is right after him at 15 while other members Felix, Bang Chan, IN and Lee Know also make it to the top 100. SHINee’s late Jonghyun is the most searched member of the group at 24. Taemin and Minho also appear in the list with Taemin at 26th position and Minho at 68. EXO’s Baekhyun and Chanyeol, who have recently enlisted in the military, are at positions 16 and 18 respectively. Meanwhile, other EXO members also come up on the list with Kai spearheading at 25. Bae Suzy makes an appearance on the top at 17. 

GOT7, Red Velvet and TWICE members are also present in the top 50 with Jackson, Irene and Tzuyu being the most searched in their group. NCT’s Jaehyun is at 22nd position while Lucas and Taeyong at 29 and 31 respectively. Other NCT members are also present such as Mark, Haechan, Jaemin, Ten and many more showing their popularity. Momoland’s Nancy is at the 23rd position while Yoona from Girls’ Generation is at 37. Hwasa is the only member of MAMAMOO to be in the top 100. Solo artists like CL, Rain, BoA, HyunA and Sunmi feature in this list with CL with the highest position amongst them at 36. ITZY and TXT members are also part of the top 100 with Ryujin and Yeonjun being the most searched members from their groups. 

Check out the whole chart here: 



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