20th Century Girl Review: Kim Yoo Jung and Byeon Woo Seok have a typical yet beautiful love story

The latest Netflix film carried a sweet and heartbreaking love story of four teenagers.

Published on Oct 21, 2022   |  02:16 PM IST  |  1M
20th Century Girl Poster; Picture Courtesy: Netflix Korea
20th Century Girl Poster

20th Century Girl: 

Set in the year 1999, ‘20th Century Girl’ follows the first love and friendships of a high school student. Bo Ra (Kim Yoo Jung) is a 17-year-old high school student. She is good at taekwondo and has a bright and positive personality. She is also a member of the broadcasting club at her school. 

Woon Ho (Byeon Woo Seok) is a member of the same broadcasting club. Bo Ra is best friends with Yeon Doo (Roh Yoon Seo), who attends the same school. Yeon Doo has a crush on fellow student Hyun Jin (Park Jung Woo). Yeon Doo asks Bo Ra to find out everything about Hyun Jin, while she goes to the U.S. to have heart surgery. After that, Bo Ra begins to observe Hyun Jin closely and she gathers information about him from his friend Woon Ho. During this time, Bo Ra becomes close to Woon Ho and also Hyun Jin.

Warning: The following review contains many spoilers. Reader’s discretion is advised. 

The beginning of the story: 

The story begins when an old videotape is delivered to Bora, who became an adult in 2019, with Bo Ra (Kim Yoo Jung) looking into an innocent 17-year-old girl in 1999, and leads viewers into the memories of their fresh first love. '20th Century Girl' tells the story of 'Bo Ra', a 17-year-old girl who falls in love with her first love while observing her friend's unrequited love. Just like the exchange diary we wrote when we were in school, the movie is going to awaken the emotions of youth that everyone has in the corner of their hearts with the keywords 'first love' and 'observation' in the now blurred memories.

‘Girl of the 20th Century’ is the subject of ‘first love’ that everyone has, and is expected to give deep sympathy and a deep lingering impression. Also, the year 1999, which became the main background of the work, was a time when analog and digital coexist, so the props in the movie reflect the atmosphere of the end of the century and add to the sights. 'Bo Ra' exchanges email with 'Yeon Doo' (Noh Yoon Seo), who left for heart surgery abroad, or 'Hyun Jin' (Park Jungwoo) and 'Woon Ho' (Byeon Woo Seok) through the encrypted numbers on the payphone and pager. The scenes where she communicates with Woon Ho) will evoke nostalgia for viewers who remember those days.

The actors involved: 

Kim Yoo Jung and Byun Woo Seok and newcomers Park Jung Woo and Noh Yoon Seo completed a fresh ensemble. Gen Z’s representative youth actors are expected to captivate viewers by perfectly portraying the thrills and pains of their first love with their sincere acting. Here, as well as Han Hyo Joo, who plays the adult 'Bora', Ryu Seung Ryong, Lee Beom Soo, Park Hae Joon, Gong Myung, Ong Seong Wu, etc.

Kim Yoo Jung as Na Bo Ra: 

Chaotic, loud, brash and fearless- that’s one way of describing Na Bo Ra. Kim Yoo Jung does an amazing job playing the character so well that the viewers actually get attached to her. From her introduction scene to her working hard to find out everything about her best friend’s crush to leaving her crush for her best friend- one can understand the true personality of Bo Ra. She invokes the feeling of nostalgia with her mannerisms, innocent personality and so much more! 

Byeon Woo Seok as Pung Woon Ho: 

Byeon Woo Seok is the ever-so-handsome lead character that is just the right amount of fun, serious, romantic and emotional! The first half of the film really doesn’t do much justice to his character, as he is seen as just the nice, tall guy who does everything for everyone but as he falls for Bo Ra, his true self comes out and so do his emotions. One can see how much he truly cared for her even after he passed away. The kind of love that transcends time is extremely rare and he truly heeded to it. 

Park Jung Woo as Baek Hyun Jin: 

Compared to the trailer, Baek Hyun Jin has a more happy-go-lucky personality and is full of tricks up his sleeve. He is a well-intentioned, nice boy who eventually helps his first love (Bo Ra) reach her first love (Woon Ho) without expecting anything. His antics and back and forth with Bo Ra was definitely entertaining! 

Noh Yoon Seo as Kim Yeon Doo: 

A girl who has been dealt with unfortunate cards always remains on the up and up and acts like a typical teenager, falling in love with every good looking man she comes across. While she didn’t have much of a role, the entire plot moved ahead because of her intentions. While she fell for the same person that her best friend fell for, as soon as she understood that, she backed off, of course not without crying and fighting with her- like any teenage girl. But she valued her friendship more than anything and that was a heartwarming thing to see. 


There were a few ifs and buts in the continuation and the plot but it is a typical teenage love story with the ups and downs, confusion, love triangles or love squares and much more but being set in the 90s, it gave an extra layer of nostalgia, which was highly appreciated by us. We would recommend this film as a feel-good film to watch on the weekend! 

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